Buyers’ Guide: Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales are a key piece of equipment for any warehouse or factory but there are some variables to take into account before purchasing. What the pallet trucks scale is going to be used for, where they are going to be used and under what conditions can greatly influence what scale you go for.

If you’re browsing the Marsden range of pallet truck scales and need a bit of guidance, you can of course get in touch and we’d be happy to help; alternatively, you can use this guide to buying pallet truck scales and ensure you choose the right solution for your weighing needs.

Decide on your maximum lift weight

The first thing you need to consider before purchasing your pallet truck scale is what the maximum weight is that you are likely to be lifting. All Marsden pallet truck scales have a capacity of 2000kg and weigh in increments of 500g - we’ve found this is the perfect amount combination for almost any application. If you feel you may exceed this load it may be worth taking a look at one of our platform scales or beams.

Check the dimensions of the forks

Before committing to purchasing a pallet truck you should also check out the dimensions. The Marsden range of pallet truck scales are all designed to weigh euro pallets but can also weigh a vast array of items. All of the fork dimensions are listed on each of the individual product brochures. Before splashing the cash it is worth checking that they are fit for purpose.

Storing the pallet truck

Before delivery of your pallet truck scale it may be worth checking that you have enough room to store the item in a safe place. It is quite a large item which can’t be left in the middle of a room or warehouse as it could be a tripping hazard!

Where will the pallet truck scale be used?

Where the pallet truck is going to be used and what elements the pallet scale is going to be exposed to can dictate your choice of scale. We have scales within our range that are suitable for use in both dry environments and damp and humid areas. The scales ideal for use in a dry and normal environment are the PT-100 and PT-200; these scales are constructed of mild steel so they should not be exposed to any elements. The Marsden PT-400, however, has a fully stainless steel construction and has an IP67 rating, which means that the scale can get damp and will still work perfectly fine.

Do you need to record the result?

Another factor to consider is whether you want a permanent record of the weight reading. Our PT-200 comes with an inbuilt printer as standard - at the press of a simple button it’ll provide a receipt showing the weight reading along with the time and date.

If you need more information about the Marsden range of pallet truck scales, contact us here.

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