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Many people consider their pets as part of their family, but when it comes to health and nutrition people can lack the knowledge they need to keep their pet fit and healthy.

It is suggested that within the next five years the number of overweight pets will be greater than the number of healthy pets.

The PDSA Animal Welfare report from 2014 suggests that one on three dogs and one on four cats are overweight, these statistics are predicted to be on the increase.

Not only do obese animals suffer a lower quality of life, they also have similar health problems that overweight humans do, such as heart disease, damaged joints, etc.

Many different factors can increase the chances of your animal becoming obese. Such as certain breeds are more prone to weight gain, age and gender of the animal.

By being more aware of pet obesity and the factors which can contribute, it can help to tackle this ever-growing problem.

Pets should be weighed at a minimum of once a month either at home at or a veterinary surgery. These recommended weight checks help to monitor and alert the owner to any dietary changes which may be needed.

In the poster that we have created we have listed the signs and symptoms of overweight animals, as well as steps that can be taken to keep your animal in peak physical condition.

To download the poster, click the image to the left or the link below.

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