Obesity survey: GPs see four or more obese patients daily

66% GPs and pharmacies see four or more obese patients every day - despite a third of patients understanding the health risks of being overweight.

Those are the most shocking statistics from the obesity survey we carried out last month, where we asked 6,000 GPs and pharmacies for their thoughts on the obesity epidemic and how it affects both them and their patients.

We carried out the survey to mark World Obesity Day, which took place on 11th October. Those that completed the survey also gave us their opinions on what the main causes of obesity in the UK, and also listed the biggest health issues they deal with day that are caused by obesity.

Against a backdrop of British women having the highest obesity rates in Europe, and obesity costing the NHS more than £5bn a year (“our plan to fight obesity is woefully inadequate” - Daily Telegraph), GPs and pharmacies told us that the main causes of obesity are processed food and lack of exercise. Patients not taking responsibility for either their own or their children’s health, TV advertising and the cost of healthy food were also cited as major factors.

Diabetes was name as the biggest health issue respondents have to deal with as a direct result of obesity - 50% listed this. Other major health issues commonly seen as a result of a patient being obese were chest problems, joint problems and arthritis.

Here are the rest of the results of our obesity survey:

In terms of patient numbers, how many obesity-related issues do you deal with each day?
Four or more: 66.6%

Can you estimate how many of your patients are obese?
100% of respondents said between 10 and 40%

How many patients do you believe are aware of the health risks?
33.3% said all patients

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