Platform scales: which indicator is best for you?

Platform scales are perfect for weighing bulky goods: Not only do they offer high capacities and large weighing areas, they’re also rugged and built to last.

From check weighing incoming or outgoing shipments, to liquid filling systems, Marsden platform scales are used for a huge variety of industrial weighing applications.

But not all platform scales are the same – each one is fitted with a different weighing indicator so that you have the best solution for your weighing purpose. We’ve put together this blog post to ensure you’re choosing the right indicator for your needs.

For simple weighing tasks

Marsden’s P-NA-I-100 is our best-selling platform scale because the indicator is so easy to use. It has an entry level price tag with all the features you need for basic check weighing.

This scale is perfect for warehouse operations as it features a Tare function - which can be used to remove the weight of pallets.

Find out more about the P-NA-I-100 here.

The I-400 indicator is suitable for the same applications, but features a much brighter display for all lighting conditions.

There's a wall bracket for mounting the indicator, which the I-100 does not have. It is also the only platform scale which weighs in pounds, as well as kilograms.

Find out more about P-NA-I-400 here.

For damp environments

Marsden’s I-100SS is our most popular stainless steel indicator. It’s particularly suitable for damp environments when paired with a stainless steel platform. Standard platforms are constructed from mild steel.

With a bracket included in the price, this indicator can be wall mounted too, meaning it can be placed in a convenient location.

Find out more about the P-NA-I-100SS - with mild steel platform - here. For the Marsden P-SS-I-100SS - with stainless steel platform - click here.

For transferring weight data to a PC

If you’re wanting a scale which can connect to a printer or computer, the JDI indicator is ideal with two RS-232 ports and four USB ports. You can use the indicator for creating and printing barcodes, too.

The P-NA-JDI is used by WEEE Solutions Ltd to measure waste. They told us in a case study last year, “The Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) need to see what waste comes in and out, and what the waste looks like – and it should all tally up with the printout from the indicator panel.

“Along with the printout facilities we also found the most useful features of the scale to be programmability and its bright display.”

The JDI is a sophisticated touchscreen indicator – find out more about the P-NA-JDI here.

For parts counting

The perfect platform scale for quick and easy bulk parts counting is the P-NA-JWI. This scale has three digital LCD displays for total weight, unit weight and count information.

Thanks to ABS housing and a durable keypad, it is a practical solution for most environments. Find out more about the P-NA-JWI here.

For liquid filling

Perfect for wet and humid environments, Marsden’s JIK indicator is IP67 rated, meaning it is recommended for liquid filling applications.

Like the JDI, the P-NA-JIK has a data transfer capability with RS-232 and has an optional sticky label printer. It is a particularly popular choice for chemical, food, fishing and manufacturing industries. Find out more about it here.

A stainless steel platform - such as that of the P-SS-JIK - makes it even more suitable for damp environments.

For the SOLAS directive

When transporting goods overseas, you need to be sure you are following the IMO/SOLAS directive on certified weights. To do this, a certified weight needs to be obtained from a verified weigher before it can be loaded onto the vessel. It’s Trade Approved too, which is also a SOLAS requirement. More information can be found here.

Marsden’s P-DI-620P-APP is ideal for this use as it features a built in printer so the weight record can be printed out. Plus with 200 PLUs, you can access saved weight records on the scale when you need them.

Find out more about the P-DI-620P-APP here.

If you are selling your goods based on their weight, you will need a Trade Approved scale. Find out more here.

Browse the full range of platform scales here. You can find our indicators here.

For more information on any of our products, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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