Introducing the PT-450: Our new waterproof pallet truck scale

Our ultimate pallet truck scale is now on sale. It's called the Marsden PT-450 and it's perfect for food factories, chemical plants and other harsh environments.

It is our first IP68 waterproof pallet truck scale, meaning it is ideal for use in wet and humid environments and can be washed down.

It means that wherever your goods are being transported to and from, you are assured that your goods will be weighed accurately, whatever the conditions.

What is IP68?

IP68 is the most water-resistant scale rating available from Marsden.

This waterproof rating can be used in the most punishing of environments and survive: in this video the IP68 rated Marsden B-100 Bench Scale was submerged in a bucket of water and remained in perfect working order.

Plus, the durable nature of this type of scale means that your PT-450 pallet truck can be hosed down after use, to keep it clean and hygienic.

Read more about IP ratings in this blog post. Alternatively, read about the benefits of stainless steel scales here.

What can the PT-450 do?

The PT-450 is the perfect scale for heavy duty weighing, particularly if your scale is likely to get wet on a regular basis.

Pallet truck scales are ideal for saving time and labour costs compared to platform scales - as goods can be weighed whilst they are transported. Watch this video to find out more and read 10 reasons why pallet truck scales are essential here.

The PT-450 features the brand new, IP68-rated I-400SS indicator and has Tare, Accumulation and unit switchable functions. As standard it has a 2000kg capacity and graduations to 500g.

The scale has an internal rechargeable battery which provides 40 hours of continuous use. A mains lead for charging is stored safety in a watertight compartment and auto power-off saves battery life.

What if I need something bespoke to my needs?

The PT-450 is built to order - which also means we can build a waterproof pallet truck scale bespoke to your needs. For example, if the 500g accuracy of this scale is quite accurate enough for you, we can supply waterproof pallet truck scales with a lower capacity but a higher degree of accuracy. For example, 300kg x 100g.

We can also alter the length of the forks if required. The standard fork length for Marsden pallet truck scales is 1150mm, but we can manufacture shorter forks if required.

Find out more

View the PT-450 here.

Find out what is a pallet truck scale and why you need one, here.

View the full pallet truck scale range here. To find out more about other options in the range, view this helpful buyers’ guide.

For more information about this new scale and the other options available, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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