Global high for obesity: 124 million children now affected worldwide

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll be aware that there are links between obesity and diabetes, migraines, heart rhythm disorders and cancers.

Yet more can still be done to reduce the epidemic which is affecting 1.9 billion adults and costing the global economy £1.6tn. The UK is set to be the most obese country in Europe, with Marsden research finding that GPs see more than four or more obese patients every day.

This October has seen even more revelations about obesity. According to the BBC, children and teenage obesity levels have risen ten-fold in the last forty years – and are now affecting 124 million children worldwide.

More people set to be overweight than underweight

The research by the Lancet is believed to be the most extensive analysis of body weight ever undertaken. It found that in the next few years more people are expected to be overweight than underweight.

Over the period 1975 to 2016, the number of obese girls, aged 5 to 19, rose from 5m to 50m, while the total for boys increased from 6m to 74m. The BBC reports that in the UK, one in every 10 young people aged five to 19, is obese.

To find out whether your BMI means you are underweight, overweight or a healthy weight use this BMI chart. Alternatively, you can follow this guide to quickly and accurately calculate BMI on your weighing scale.

Setting children up for a lifetime of ill health

Obesity researcher Dr Harry Rutter, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said excessive weight “is setting up children for a lifetime of ill health that is very hard to reverse”.

He added: "This is a huge problem that will get worse. Even skinny people are heavier than they would have been ten years ago.

“We have not become more weak-willed, lazy or greedy. The reality is the world around us is changing."

What can be done?

The Government has recommended that all patients are ‘weighed by default’ when they see a GP. National Obesity Forum spokesman Tam Fry has also said that pharmacies can do more in communicating the risks of obesity to patients.

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