Buyers’ Guide: Scales for weighing dogs at home

Dog scales are a crucial way of monitoring pet health. A pet’s weight can be the first and sometimes the only indicator of poor health, and currently pet obesity is the number one issue facing veterinary surgeons.

Marsden animal scales are used by veterinary surgeons nationwide, as well as well-known animal shelters such as the RSPCA.

The vet scales range are also suitable for weighing dogs at home. Read on to find out why you should weigh your pet and which dog weighing scale meets your requirements.


Why should you monitor your pet’s weight?

If your dog becomes overweight it can severely impact on their life. It can reduce life expectancy, cause breathing problems and increase the risk of diabetes and cancer.

According to Dr Susan O’Bell, veterinarian at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s Angell Animal Medical Centre says “Puppies should be weighed at least every three to four weeks for the first six months of life.”

If the dog suffers from chronic medical conditions, particular those that result in changes in appetite or water consumption, they require frequent weight checks.

Dr Matthew Rooney, states that most pet parents “can be satisfied with weighing their dogs every six months.”

Visits to the vet can be stressful for your dog, so it is possible to weigh your dog at home. O’Bell says, “Many clients ask me if they can weigh their dog at home. I generally tell clients they can use home scales for basic trends, but any major discrepancies they should contact their vet.”


Weighing smaller dogs

For weighing small dogs, Marsden has a range of small, lightweight and portable dog scales that are suitable for home use.

The Marsden V-22 is highly accurate, with graduations to 5g. The Marsden V-20 doubles up as a stretcher so you can carry your pet. Both scales have a 20kg capacity.

For slightly heavier small dogs, the following scales feature a 25kg capacity. The Marsden V-23 is powered by 4x AA batteries and a carry handle means it can be transported around the home with ease.

You can use the Marsden V-25 to compare changes in your pet’s weight using the memory recall function.


Weighing medium-sized dogs

Most breeds can be weighed on our most popular veterinary scale, the Marsden V-100. It has a 100kg capacity, is lightweight and is powered by just two AAA batteries.

The V-100 has a range of functions designed to make weighing dogs at home easy. It is unit switchable, so can weigh in pounds or kilos.

Also, as many dogs tend to move around on the scale, the Hold function can be used to stabilise the weight reading.

It is perfect for portable pet weighing, as this case study explains.


Weighing larger dogs

The Marsden V-150, Marsden V-250 and Marsden V-200 are perfect for weighing larger dogs.

Tailor the V-150 capacity to your needs, with a 150kg x 50g or 300kg x 100g option available. It has a large stainless steel base which can be washed down, and the non-slip mat aid the dog’s safety and comfort.

The V-250 has a 250kg capacity. It is only 50mm high so it is easy for dogs to step onto this pet scale.

Lastly the V-200 features a bright LED weight display so can used in areas of the home where lighting may be poor. It runs on rechargeable battery power.


Weighing pet food

Vets also recommend that pet food is weighed to control consumption. The food label will provide information on the amount of pet food which is suitable to eat.

The Marsden B-800 is accurate to 1g, is easy to use and is reduced to £40 in Marsden’s clearance sale. The IP-2101 is splashproof to IP65 meaning it can be wiped down to keep the scale hygienic.

Even greater accuracy is available with Jadever JWE, which has graduations to 0.1g.

Read Marsden’s guide to a healthy dog here.

For more information on weighing dogs in the home, call Marsden on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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