Get more from your weighing scale: Watch our JIK videos

The Jadever JIK indicator is extremely versatile and built for automating weighing processes, as well as recording weight information by sending readings to a printer or PC.

For such a complex indicator we felt a video was needed to show you exactly what it can do, and the benefits it can bring to your business.

The Jadever JIK indicator can be found on platform scales, bench scales, drive thru scales and more - we’ve actually created eight new videos for JIK scales, depending on which option is best for you. You can watch one below.


What can the JIK do?

Automate processes: The JIK is perfect for automated weighing – and automated weighing processes can save your business time, and potentially cut costs too. Making weighing more streamlined can also help to reduce errors.

The JIK indicator is available with a relay board, and this can be used to connect to other devices and systems. Used with the hi/lo alarm this means that the scale can switch off a feed when a specified weight target is hit, and alert you that this has happened. This is great for filling and loading tasks.

Print labels: Choose one of the optional printers and you can create sticky labels of your readings, ideal for attaching to shipments or documents. A large number of different set-ups are available for your labels, with weight, date, time, company name and more all possible.

Record weight information: An optional USB lead is available to connect the JIK indicator to a PC. This means every single weight reading can be recording in a spreadsheet. Ideal for compliance purposes, stock control and monitoring outgoing goods or expenditure.


Where can I find out more?

We’ll be adding the JIK videos to the respective scale product pages over the next few days. You can watch one of them below.

Alternatively, for more information on scales featuring the JIK indicator, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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