How the hot weather could increase your pet’s weight

Pet care is even more important during the summer months, as the hot weather could increase your pet’s weight and contribute to pet obesity.

There are a number of reasons why cat or dog weight may increase in summer. In the hot weather, the animal may get tired more quickly, and too little exercise can result in dog weight gain.

According to Dr Ken Tudor, “Dogs that live in areas that are extremely hot or humid during the summer may not exercise nearly as much as in the spring and fall (autumn). Exercise may be limited and reduce overall calorie expenditure. Dogs in these climates need less food to compensate for the decreased activity levels.”

Obesity statistics

Research from Marsden has found 58% of dogs and cats are overweight. However, as little as 10% of pet owners recognise that their pet is overweight.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity, the amount of overweight pets is on the rise. They noted a 2% increase in overweight and obese dogs, and a 1% in cats in 2017 compared to 2016.


Is my cat or dog overweight?

Using pet weighing scales, you can monitor your pet’s weight and track any changes over time. You can order your own dog scales or cat scales for weighing at home, or use a vet scale in your veterinary surgery.

Download Marsden’s pet weight guide to find out what the average weight is for your breed of dog, and compare.  Alternatively, you can use our puppy weight chart.

The pet weight guide also provides guidance in helping your cat or dog to lose weight. Many Marsden pet scales feature a memory recall function so you can chart changes in your pet’s weight.


Top tips for reducing cat and dog weight

Dr Jennifer Adolphe, Senior Nutritionist at Petcurean, said: “I weigh out food allowance every day, as weighing is much more accurate than using a measuring cup. I adjust their food intake routinely based on their body weight to ensure they maintain an ideal body weight.

“It is quite astounding how quickly a dog can gain weight if overfed and how challenging it can be to lose the weight. This is why it is so important to prevent weight gain in the first place.

“In the hot summer months, we venture outside first thing in the morning or late evening to avoid extreme temperatures. We also will play indoors when the weather is too hot so that they get enough activity.”

For weighing pet food: The Marsden B-100 and IP-2101 Bench Scales are perfect for weighing pet food. Both are highly accurate scales with fine graduations; the B-100 goes to 0.2g. Both carry an IP rating so can be cleaned to keep the scale hygienic. The IP-2101 is IP65 wipe down, and the B-100 is IP68 waterproof. More on IP ratings can be found here.

For weighing your pet: For weighing puppies, choose the V-23 or V-22 Veterinary Scales, these are both highly accurate small animal scales, weighing to the nearest 5g. Alternatively, for larger pets choose the V-200, V-150 or our best-selling Marsden V-100.

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