Body Composition Scales Accuracy & Uses

A fantastic tool for monitoring your health and fitness, discover the accuracy and uses for a body composition scale from Marsden.

What is a Body Composition Scale?

A body composition scale is a weighing scale that uses a range of metrics to provide a calculation of body health. As well as providing an accurate weight reading, body composition scales also provide further readings for Fat Mass, Total Body Water content and Body Fat Percentage.

Many body composition scales also provide BMI reading. 

Body Composition Scales use biometrical impedance analysis to calculate these readings. This is when a small and safe electrical current flows through the body from the base of the scale. The scale then measures the speed of which the electrical current flows through the water, fat and muscle mass in your body to calculate how much your body is composed of these elements. 

Body Composition Scales at Marsden

At Marsden Scales, our body composition scales provide a range of readings including Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Total Body Water (TBW)Fat Free Mass (FFM), Fat Mass (FM), and Body Fat Percentage. Our body composition scales also provide an accurate reading for Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).  

These body composition measurements allow you to make informed decisions regarding your diet and fitness regimes and make any necessary changes. Tracking your body fat percentage or fat mass, for example, can also help you to understand your training progress over time.

Our body composition scales also take your age, height, weight and gender into account and provide you with an overall Health Score out of 100. 

How Accurate are Body Composition Scales?

All body composition scales available at Marsden were built and developed with assistance from Hull York Medical School. They undertook all of the clinical research underlying the algorithm, and made the comparison to the ‘gold standard’ of body composition measurements, DEXA. 

DEXA scanners, a type of X-ray specially designed to identify low bone mineral density,  are used by the NHS to carry out a full-body scan. DEXA scanners provide the most accurate measurements for body composition. The research concluded that Marsden body composition scale measurements were all within 3% of DEXA, whereas competitor scales were within 6% of DEXA.

Body composition scales from Marsden are also Class III Approved and MDD Approved. This means that the scales have been checked and verified to ensure they meet medical standards and can be used for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. 

Body composition scales can also give you a more accurate understanding of your body and overall health that regular weighing scales cannot. If we consider that muscle weighs more than fat and your working on ‘bulking up’ or increasing your muscle, then it helps to have a more accurate reading of muscle mass rather than your overall weight. 

Uses for a Body Composition Scales

Body composition scales are used by a wide range of medical and fitness professionals including dieticians, GPs, personal trainers and slimming group leaders. An invaluable tool, these advanced weighing scales allow for a greater understanding of body health which can then be used to ensure more informed diet and lifestyle choices. 

Consistent tracking of body composition can also help to prevent potentially serious health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

As a portable medical scale, the MBF-6000 is ideal for use by personal trainers, fitness coaches and travelling consultants. The permanent MBF-6010 is perfect for clinicians and physiotherapists and also boasts an optional coin box allowing pharmacies and health centres to earn revenue from the multi-functional medical column scale.

Choosing a Body Composition Scale from Marsden

At Marsden, we sell a range of Class III Approved and MDD Approved body composition scales that are both accurate and reliable. 

Discover the portable MBF-6000, and MBF-6010 with column-mounted indicator. Both of these Marsden Body Composition Scales are available with a printer allowing you to print out the readings, date and time for patients, gym users or slimming club members. We also offer the advanced Charder MA601 Body Composition Analyser with user-friendly touch screen and even more readings. 

All our body composition scales benefit from the Marsden four year warranty, to find out more about our range of scales call our friendly expert team on 01709 364 296 or email  

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