Features Buttons Key

Every Marsden weighing scale has its own list of special of features, to make weighing faster, easier and more precise. Use this key to decide if the scale you’re considering is right for you.


Hold: Particularly useful if the item you’re weighing is moving. If the weight is fluctuating on the display, press Hold and it will stabilise, meaning you have an accurate, precise weight reading.Carry Case: For added portability, many Marsden scales have carry cases available. These are most commonly used by health visitors, midwives and personal trainers.
Tare: To get a more precise weight reading from your weighing scales, use Tare to remove unwanted weight from the display - for example, shoes, boxes or pallets. RS-232: RS-232 allows you to connect the scale to PCs, printers and other systems and devices. Some Marsden scales have RS-232 as standard; for others it is an optional extra.
Class III Approved: Non-Automatic Weighing Instructions (NAWI) Directive 2014/31/EU states that any weighing scale for medical use, or to determine the price of an item based on weight, must be Class III Approved. In industrial terms, this is may be referred to as ‘Trade Approved’ or ‘Legal For Trade.’ IP65: Many Marsden industrial scales are IP-certified. This makes them ideal where they may be subject to humidity, or weighing items that are wet. IP65-certified scales are wipedown safe - meaning, they can be kept hygienic by wiping down with a damp cloth.
MDD Approved: Medical Devices Directive Approval. Many Marsden medical scales have MDD Approval, providing you with greater assurance and peace of mind when it comes to accurate weight results. IP67: If you need a more rugged scale that will come into contact with moisture more frequently, choose IP67.IP67-certified scales are splashproof, meaning they have better moisture protection than IP65.
Unit Switchable: Metric readings are standard on Marsden scales; however, some can be switched to imperial. For legal reasons, this option is not available on Class III Approved/Trade Approved weighing scales. IP68: IP68 is the highest level of ingress protection available on Marsden scales. IP68 scales are waterproof, and many are capable of being submerged in water. Most have encapsulated loadcells and all are stainless steel - meaning long term, reliable weighing.
Height Measure: Some Marsden medical scales have height measures fitted or available as an option. This is useful for calculating BMI; some height measures are automatic, meaning height is sent directly to the scale for auto BMI calculation. Wifi: Many Marsden medical scales have Wifi connectivity as an optional extra, or as standard. The scale will wirelessly send patient weight, height and BMI to the configured device or database. Call us on 01709 364296 for more information.
1 Year Warranty: Marsden industrial scales, vet scales and some gym scales have a standard 1 year warranty. Please call us on 01709 364296 if you have any warranty-based questions. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is an optional extra - or standard fitting - on many Marsden medical scales. It is most popular in telehealth programmes, where patients can be monitored remotely. Call us on 01709 364296 for more information.
2 Year Warranty: Marsden professional medical scales all come with a two year warranty as standard. Please call us on 01709 364296 if you have any warranty-based questions. BMI: Most Marsden medical scales have a BMI calculation function. This makes calculating a patient’s BMI quicker and easier. In most cases enter the patient’s height for the BMI reading to be displayed; for scales fitted with an auto height measure, BMI will display instantly.
Portable: ‘Portable’ scales are generally defined as those that are easy to move around, and built to withstand constant transportation and movement. Some portable scales have optional carry cases available. BSA: Unique to Marsden scales, Body Surface Area (BSA) calculation makes our scales even more useful in a medical environment. BSA is most commonly used to calculate drug dosages. This function is as easy to use as BMI calculation.
Power Supply: These symbols denote the power supply for the scale. Most scales are mains rechargeable for convenience; others require replaceable batteries. Some scales have rechargeable batteries as an optional extra. HI/LO Alarm: Ideal for automating weighing processes, a hi/lo alarm will let you know when the weight of your items are below a set target weight, on target or are too heavy. All Marsden counting scales have this feature as standard.