Marsden waterproof scales: IP ratings explained

Waterproof scales are vital if your business intends to weigh liquids, operate in damp or dusty environments or weigh outdoors.

At Marsden we have a large range of IP65, IP67 and IP68-rated weighing scales – but exactly what do these ratings mean, and which IP rating is best for what you need?

This blog post explains.

IP Ratings – what do they mean?

The digits in the IP rating refer to a different type of protection. The first digit refers to how protected the instrument is to dust, and the second digit is how protected the scale is to water and other liquids.

IP68 Rating

What separates IP68 rated scales from other Marsden IP scales is that these scales are fully waterproof. These scales can be submerged in water and survive - a feature not shared by IP67 and IP65 scales.

These scales can be used in the most punishing environments; their durable nature means they can be easily kept clean and hygienic as they can be hosed down.

The B-100 bench scale is one of our IP68-rated scales. To prove its durability, we soaked the B-100 in a bucket of water in this video – and it remained in perfect working order.

IP67 Rating

IP67 rated weighing scales are almost as waterproof as their IP68 rated scales.

The IP67 casing means these scales are protected against moisture; therefore, they can be kept hygienic by being washed down. To differentiate between IP67 and IP68, Marsden refers to IP67 scales as 'splashproof.' 

As an example, the HSS-JIK-APP is an IP67 rated Trade Approved stainless steel bench scale. The scale is suitable for water-based processes, including liquid filling applications.

IP65 Rating

IP65 rated scales have protection from moisture when wiped down with a damp cloth.

These scales are ideal for environments which are humid, or have some water vapour present – like bakeries.

With wipe down durability, these scales can be kept clean and hygienic but cannot be hosed down or submerged.

The Marsden IP-2101 Bench Scale is one of our IP65 weighing scales. Its IP65 rating has contributed to the scale finding use in supermarkets, food factories and farms.

More information on IP ratings can be found here.

Many waterproof scales of IP68, IP67 and IP65 rating can be found in our stainless steel sale. To visit our stainless steel range, click here.

To browse our waterproof scales in full, visit our new waterproof scales section here.

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