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What is a gym and fitness scale?

A gym and fitness scale is a weighing scale that provides the readings a gym user needs, including weight and BMI. Marsden gym and fitness scales are easy for the user to operate and are typically used in gyms, health clubs, sports clubs and spas.

Marsden gym and fitness scales are the affordable choice and many are Class III Approved.


What is a Class III Approved scale?

A Class III Approved scale undergoes a more stringent testing and calibration process, and therefore provides a more reliable, repeatable weight reading than a non-approved scale. Class III Approved scales are a legal requirement for medical use, and although not legally required in gyms they are a more professional choice for the gym environment. Using a Class III Approved scale in your gym also means there should be no discrepancy between being weighed by a GP or hospital and being weighed by your scale.

Check the individual listings above to see which scales are Class III Approved.


Which gym and fitness scale is best for me?

The most popular choice from the Marsden range is the M-150, which provides weight readings in kg and st, has a BMI calculation function, and is supplied with a removable height measure.

If your scale is likely to be used n a wet or humid environment – such as changing areas or near swimming pools – the M-160 is stainless steel and rated IP67, which means it’s splashproof.

If you’d prefer the accuracy and dependability of a Class III Approved scale, but you’re buying on a budget, choose the M-550. Alternatively, the M-430 is a portable, robust Class III scale.

If you want your scale to provide more than just weight readings, the MBF-6000 an MBF-6010 measure Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Fat %, Total Body Water and Basal Metabolic Rate.


Where can I find out more?

As a leading supplier of gym and fitness scales, Marsden can provide you with all the help and guidance you need when purchasing a professional gym scale. Click on the products above to find out more or speak to our team on 01709 364296.