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Axle Weigh Pads

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What are axle weigh pads?

Axle weigh pads are high capacity weighing scales for weighing vehicles. Axle weigh pads are typically used in pairs, with one pad for the left-hand wheels and one pad for the right. Axle weigh pads are most commonly used to determine whether a vehicle weight is within the legal limit for travelling on public roads.


Why should axle weigh pads be used?

The cost of a fine for your vehicle exceeding the legal weight limit is greater than the cost of axle weigh pads from Marsden. Our portable axle weighers are the perfect solution for weighing trucks when leaving a warehouse, or before cargo is loaded onto a ship. Plus, because both our solutions are portable, they can be stowed away in the back of a truck or in the cab.

The options we can supply you with come with drive-over weighing pads, and with either the weight display showing on the axle weigh pads (AP-100) or on an individual indicator (AP-200). The pads read the weight quickly - and in the case of the AP-200 Axle Weigh Pads, the weight data to be saved to a memory stick or printed out using the integrated printer. Both solutions above a hardwearing and built to last.

Plus, our axle weighers will highlight uneven loading, reducing wear and tear on your vehicles - and will help with under-loading, so you can maximise out-going loads.


Are there any other options for vehicle weighing?

Alternatively, we can supply bespoke vehicle weighing systems, manufactured in our UK factory. Simply get in touch with your requirements on 01709 364296.