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  • Marsden AP-200 Axle Weigher

    What is the AP-200?

    The Marsden AP-200 is a portable, durable and highly accurate axle weighing solution for industrial use. The AP-200 is built to withstand constant use by everything from small cars to 44-tonne container lorries and consists of an indicator and two weighing pads. It has an in-built printer, and a USB port means vehicle weighing data can be transferred to a computer.

    Vehicle weighing can be ‘static’ or ‘in motion.’

    What is ‘static’ and ‘in motion’ weighing?

    The Marsden AP-200 weighs vehicles to a high accuracy. The vehicle can simply be driven onto the scale and weight reading taken once the wheel has stopped on the pad - static weighing.

    However, for faster weighing of vehicles, this vehicle weighing solution can be used for ‘in motion’ weighing. With the pads laid out on the ground, the vehicle can be driven over the pads at slow speed without stopping. The scale will capture the weight and send it to the indicator.

    In motion weighing provides less accuracy than static weighing, but allows you to speed up weighing processes.

    Why should axle weigh pads be used?

    In order to avoid fines, vehicles should not weigh more than the legal limit. An easy way to check the weight of a vehicle is by using axle weigh pads.

    Axle weighers are portable and far more affordable than installing a weighbridge. They can placed wherever you need to weigh your vehicle and then stored away when not in use. If vehicles need to be weighed at other locations, the AP-200 axle weighing system cab stored in the cab of a lorry or in the back of a van with ease.

    The key benefit of the AP-200 – aside from the fact that weight readings can be stored within its internal memory and then exported via USB stick to a PC – is its accuracy. The two pads are connected to one wireless indicator (more pads can be ordered and connected to the indicator on request). The AP-200 then calculates the total weight of the axle, to a highly accurate 10kg.

    Why should I choose the AP-200?

    Choose the AP-200 for advanced axle weighing, when you need to weigh a vehicle quickly and easily. The AP-200 is a high accuracy vehicle weighing solution, without the expense of installing a weighbridge. It is also portable.

    The AP-200 is perfect for those affected by the 2016 container weighing regulations. It can be used as a highly accurate check weigher before gaining your verified proof of weight.

    The AP-200 is a cost-effective way to ensure vehicles are not illegally overloaded. Additionally, an axle weigher will help you to avoid under-loading - meaning you can maximise loads - or uneven loading, which can increase wear and tear on tyres, steering and braking.

    Each pad has a capacity of 10 tonnes - so upto 20 tonnes per axle can be weighed. Up to eight weighing pads can be connected to the indicator if required.

    The digital indicator, housed in a tough but lightweight carry case, can provide detailed information of a vehicle’s weight, including left and right wheels, overall weight, and - if the vehicle is moving whilst being weighed - the speed at which the wheels passed over the pads. Driver name and vehicle registration can also be inputted, so weight data can be tied up with the correct vehicle.

    Touch-screen operation of the indicator means it’s easy to use and data can be read easily.

    An in-built printer means data can be instantly printed out, and USB and RS-232 ports mean the data can also be transferred to a computer, handheld device or external printer.

    Each pad boasts a handle and wheels for ease of movement. Carry cases for the weighing pads are ideal for storage and if the pads are to be regularly transported.

    Please note: to gain a verified proof of weight for a container prior to reaching port a Trade Approved weighing device must be used.

    Watch the video above to see how the AP-200 Axle Weigher works. Or, for more information, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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What are axle weigh pads?

Axle weigh pads are high capacity weighing scales for weighing vehicles. Axle weigh pads are typically used in pairs, with one pad for the left-hand wheels and one pad for the right. Axle weigh pads are most commonly used to determine whether a vehicle weight is within the legal limit for travelling on public roads.


Why should axle weigh pads be used?

The cost of a fine for your vehicle exceeding the legal weight limit is greater than the cost of axle weigh pads from Marsden. Our portable axle weighers are the perfect solution for weighing trucks when leaving a warehouse, or before cargo is loaded onto a ship. Plus, because both our solutions are portable, they can be stowed away in the back of a truck or in the cab.

The AP-200 consists of drive-over weighing pads and an individual indicator. The pads read the weight quickly, and weight data can be saved to a memory stick or printed out using the integrated printer. The AP-200 is hardwearing and built to last.

Plus, our axle weighers will highlight uneven loading, reducing wear and tear on your vehicles - and will help with under-loading, so you can maximise out-going loads.


Are there any other options for vehicle weighing?

Alternatively, we can supply bespoke vehicle weighing systems, manufactured in our UK factory. Simply get in touch with your requirements on 01709 364296.

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