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With options to send weight to printers or PCs

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With options to send weight to printers or PCs


With options to send weight to printers or PCs


With options to send weight to printers or PCs

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With options to send weight to printers or PCs


What are scales for printing and recording weight?

Many businesses will need a record of weight readings, for compliance, track orders or to monitor processes. Setting up an automated weight recording system does not need to be expensive.


Marsden’s scales for printing and recording weight are affordable, easy to set up and can be integrated into existing processes, or used to revolutionise how you process, weigh and fill.


How can these scales save me money?

If you need to keep a record of weight readings, the most popular solutions in this category are the scales fitted with the Jadever JIK indicator.


These can be connected to a laptop or desktop PC via the optional Scale to PC USB Lead. No additional software is required for this – it’s a simple plug and play cable that comes hard-wired into your scale and plugs into the USB port of your computer.


Once plugged in, and with a document (for example, an Excel spreadsheet) open, you can start recording every weight reading instantly. Pressing Print on the indicator sends the weight reading to the spreadsheet, which can also be sent date and time stamped.


Connecting your scale to a PC with such a low cost solution means less initial outlay, and reducing the time spent taking a record of your weights will save you time – particularly if recording weight is a regular, daily process.


How can I print from a weighing scale?

Scales in this section are also available with printers that connect directly to the scale’s indicator. These printers will create sticky labels with (depending on the scale you choose) gross weight, net weight, tare weight, date, time, count, company name, device name and barcode.


Again, our printers are plug and play and no lengthy set-up or additional software is required.


What are automated weighing processes?

Additionally, most of the scales in this section are suitable for automated weighing processes. With optional relay boards, many Marsden scales can switch other devices on or off – like, for example, a silo feeding product onto the scale for weighing to a required limit. When the limit is reached the scale will switch the feed off. JIK scales are ideal for liquid filling applications.


Where can I find out more?

To view each product, click on the product image above. You can order the scale you need by clicking on the Add to Cart button.


For more information about this weighing scales for printing and recording weight, and to discover how you can save time and money by automating your weighing and filling processes, call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

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