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What are waterproof scales?

Waterproof scales are weighing scales built to withstand regular exposure to water. A truly waterproof weighing scale will carry a high IP rating – IP68 or higher. You will rarely see weighing scales with an IP rating higher than 68, and there are many waterproof scales and washdown scales in the Marsden range certified IP68. More often than not, waterproof scales are stainless steel.


What is an IP rating?

IP stands for Ingress Protection and denotes how well protected the scale’s internal components are against intrusion from foreign bodies (such as dust and dirt) and water or moisture. This is an international standard (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989) and makes it easier for you to determine which scale has adequate protection for your needs.


Can a weighing scale be waterproof if it doesn’t have an IP rating?

An IP certification confirms that a weighing scale has undergone testing to determine its protection against ingress from water and dust. You may find weighing scales listed as waterproof or splashproof that do not have an IP rating, but without IP certification you are only going on the manufacturer or seller’s word that the scale will not be damaged if subjected to water or dust.


What do the ratings mean?

The first digit (e.g in the case of an IP68 scale, the 6) refers to the scale’s protection against dust and dirt. The second digit refers to the scale’s protection against moisture.

All Marsden scales with an IP rating are rated 6 against dust and dirt, which means they are protected against dust and dirt that may harm equipment. Here are the official definitions for the second digit:

5: Protected against water spray from all directions (Marden scales with IP65 certification are referred to as ‘wipedown’)

7: Protection against strong water jets and waves (Marden scales with IP67 certification are referred to as ‘splashproof’ or 'washdown scales')

8: Protected against temporary immersion (Marden scales with IP68 certification are referred to as ‘waterproof’)


Where can I find out more?

To find out more about waterproof scales from Marsden, click on the product listings above or speak to our team. We can be contacted on 01709 364296,

Read more about IP ratings in this blog post.