TW Series Class II Analytical Balance

This is the lowest cost, Trade Approved precision balance scale in our range, but it still provides the same consistent and accurate readings for the smallest items. Internal automatic calibration can calibrate the balance at the press of a button.

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What is the TW Balance?

The TW is a highly precise Class II Approved analytical balance designed to weigh small capacities within a sub-milligram range.

220g to 420g


110mm Ǿ

Power Supply:

Additional Features

  • Class II Approved
  • Covered by 1 year warranty
  • High accuracy precision balance with internal auto calibration
  • WindowsDirect software for sending weight data to a PC
  • Motor cal
  • Bright, clear LCD display
  • High/Go/Low - compare targets to sample values
  • UniBloc technology for instant, high accuracy weight readings


General Information Certificates and General Information

What is a Class II Approved scale?

The TW Series Analytical Laboratory Balance has optional Class II Verification. This class verification shows the scale has been built, tested, verified and calibrated to a specific standard.

The Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) directive shows six situations where Approved scales must be used for weighing. Read more in this blog post.

How can weight information be recorded?

Weight information can be recorded from this scale by simply connecting it to your PC and pressing ‘Print’. All that is required is an I/O to RS-232 cable.

All Shimadzu balances available from Marsden have WindowsDirect software installed. When ‘Print’ is pressed, the data will populate any document that is open on your screen, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

Why should I choose the TW Series?

One of the main features of the scale is the touch-key internal calibration. This means that the scale can run a calibration check at the press of a button so that it stays highly accurate.

The balance comes with a weighing chamber big enough to house flasks. This chamber helps to eliminate any external factors such as dust or drafts from influencing the weight reading given.

TW balances come with Piece Counting function which is ideal for batch weighing as it can count up to five different samples. These can be easily entered, and recalled later. The balance also has comparator mode which enables the user to compare samples to target values or pass/fail criteria - and the results are clearly displayed on the illuminated display.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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