UX Series Analytical Laboratory Balance

  • High precision balance scale
  • Designed for weighing in sub-milligram ranges
  • Sold with WindowsDirect technology
  • Seamlessly transfer weight data to a PC
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical companies, chemical works, paint factories and labratories

Total Price
£929.50 Exc. VAT (£1,115.40 inc. VAT)
In Stock: Delivery within 45 working days.


420g to 6200g

0.001g to 0.01g


1 year warranty

108mm x 105mm / 170mm x 180 mm

1 Year

Additional Features

  • Specific gravity measurement and formulation modes
  • High accuracy non approved readings; includes WindowsDirect
  • Bright backlit LCD display
  • UniBloc technology for instant, high accuracy weight readings
  • Windows Direct for easy data communication
  • Wind break sold as standard


General Information Certificates and General Information

How accurate is a balance?

A balance scale is a weighing scale that is highly accurate, weighing in most cases in weighing in sub-milligram increments.

To ensure high accuracy, many balances (including the UX) have a wind chamber to protect the surface of the scale: with balances being so accurate, even wind can affect readings.

How can I record weight readings from this balance?

WindowsDirect technology can be used to send weight information directly from the balance to your PC - no additional software is needed.

To start recording information from the balance, use an I/O to RS-232 cable to connect the balance to your computer and with a simple click of the ‘Print’ key, the weight displayed on the scale will be copied into any programme you choose to use.

Why should I choose the UX Series?

The Shimadzu UX Series balance offers fantastic value for money: Choose the UX if you need a highly accurate balance scale (as accurate as 0.001g) that does not need to be Class I or Class II Approved.

Another benefit of the UX Series is the comparator function. This setting allows the user of the scale to compare weights on the balance to target values or to pass/fail criteria. Other benefits of using this are the simple Counting function and the Specific Gravity Measurement function.

This scale features UniBloc technology: a one-piece loadcell which replaces the core mechanisms with a single aluminium alloy black. This enables the scale to be extremely responsive, have high stability and a long operational life.

Where can I find out more?

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