TX Series Class II Laboratory Balance

  • Class II Approved version of the TX series analytical balance.
  • Designed to accurately weigh in the sub-milligram range
  • One-piece aluminium mass sensor
  • Sensor helps the balance resist deterioration and damage from impacts
  • One of our more affordable balances

Please note the wind break is only sold as standard for graduations below 0.001g.

Total Price
£797.50 Exc. VAT (£957.00 inc. VAT)
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220g to 4200g

0.001g to 0.01g

Class II Approved

1 year warranty

110mm ø / 167mm x 181mm

Power Supply:

Additional Features

  • Metal housing
  • Bright, clear LCD display
  • Counting function
  • UniBloc technology for instant, high accuracy weight readings
  • Windows Direct for easy data communication
  • Wind break sold as standard for graduations below 0.001g


General Information Certificates and General Information

How accurate is this balance?

The TX Series is available with a range of capacities and accuracies, with 0.001g (1mg) available as well as a number of options weighing as precise as 0.001ct (0.2mg). To protect the scale from interference, there is a wind chamber - the reading on high accuracy balances like the TX can be affected by wind.

How can I record weight readings from this balance?

This shimadzu balance has WindowsDirect software to send weight data from the balance to your computer. Simply connect the balance to your PC via a I/O to RS-232 cable (not included) and the information can auto-populate a spreadsheet whenever ‘Print’ is pressed on the balance. No other software is required.

Why should I choose the TX Series?

The TX also has a simple Counting facility. For example the weight of one item, like a tablet, can be recorded - then, a batch can be poured onto the balance and it will calculate how many items are in that sample.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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