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Buyer's Guide: Bench Scales

Buyer's Guide: Bench Scales

Bench scales are ideal for all manner of weighing jobs - from weighing meat in a butcher's shop to checking shipments of nuts and bolts.

However, not all bench scales are the same - with each benefitting different industries in different ways.

This blog post will assist you in finding exactly what you need, so whether you're a potato grower or work in a post room, it’s well worth a read.

For food manufacturing industries

Bench scales are ideal for weighing out ingredients in food manufacturing.

If the scale is likely to come into contact with water, a waterproof scale is required to prevent damages - such as the stainless steel HSS is ideal. With a range of indicators available, you can even make this scale Trade Approved for selling weight-priced goods.

For weighing items with the utmost precision, choose the B-450. This scale is relatively cheap, despite being accurate to 0.1g, and can weigh up to 5kg. Plus it's also IP67-rated, so you're not sacrificing water-resistance for accuracy.

For breweries and cider makers

For weighing malts and casks, an IP68 rated fully waterproof scale is the best solution for breweries.

The Jadever AGT-C is IP68 rated, so can withstand any spillage. The rechargeable battery ensures it can be used anywhere across your premises regardless of where the nearest plug socket is. A choice of base sizes are available for weighing ingredients, bags of malt or small casks. With larger base sizes available, the AGT-C can also be used as a floor scale.

The B-100 is our best-selling bench scale - and is perfect for weighing ingredients. A choice of capacities and graduations are available, with a pinpoint accuracy of 0.2g being one of the options to choose from. It’s IP68 rating means that at the end of the day it can be washed down.

For factories and warehouses

For manufacturing industries, a tough and durable scale which can withstand regular use is needed.

The Marsden MSS is a practical affordable solution for many industrial settings. A choice of sizes are available; the smaller base is perfect for weighing ingredients and larger bases can accommodate large sacks or boxes of goods.

For wholesalers

As a wholesaler, you will need something which has a large base and is constructed from mild or stainless steel for weighing large, heavy goods.

The HSS with the JIK indicator is ideal for wet and humid environments with IP67 rating. This scale also has data transfer capability, so weighing information can be transferred to a computer spreadsheet using the RS232 port or printed out as sticky labels. Plus, it’s Trade Approved, so goods can be legally bought or sold based on their weight.

For more information about data transfer solutions, click here.

For shops and market stalls

Shops and market stalls can benefit from a portable scale which is also Trade Approved as goods may be sold based on their weight.

The Digi DS-673SS is all of the above, plus it has a fully waterproof IP68 rating meaning it’s the perfect solution for weighing on market stalls - and it’s battery powered.

If you prefer to use a retail scale front of shop instead of a bench scale, you may need a bench scale at the back of the shop for general check weighing. For this, the Jadever JWE is ideal. The scale has a water resistant keypad and records can be transferred to a computer via the RS-232 port.

If you’re check weighing larger quantities or heavier items in your shop and the JWE is a little too small, we recommend the HSS. This scale has a 304 food grade base and is available with a Trade Approved Indicator for selling products based on their weight.

For post rooms and parcel handling

We have a range of scales suitable for weighing postage and parcels, in our parcel scale buyer's guide.

The Marsden B-25050 is one of the most popular shipping scales as it has a wide range of capacities and graduations meaning goods can be weighed up to 300kg, and accuracies are to 2g. With a flexible indicator design, the scale indicator can be easily read around even the largest of parcel.

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