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Buyer's Guide: Parcel Scales, for a Variety of Needs

Buyers' Guide Parcel Scales

Last year, we wrote this blog post to help you choose the right parcel scale for your needs. The blog post covered the most important considerations - including size, power supply and value for money.

Now, we’ve put together a guide to Marsden parcel scales, to help you a little bit more with finding the right solution for your needs.

We’ve parcel scales for almost any situation - from portable digital industrial scales like the brand new B-300 (available to pre-order now, in stock from next month) to 3000kg capacity platform scales, perfect for transport and courier businesses who may need to weigh larger parcels or whole pallets of customers’ packages.

Below you will find our suggested weighing scales for a variety of needs and scenarios...

For weighing small out-going parcels anywhere in your office or warehouse

That would be the B-100.

This 30kg capacity, versatile weighing scale is great because it runs from battery power (which will provide you with 40 hours’ worth of use). It's also lightweight at only 3.6kg and is, therefore, highly portable and can be used anywhere!

Additionally, it’s very easy to use, and with simple features like Tare, plus a basic counting function.

See the B-100 here.

For regular weighing of large parcels

You’ll need something durable, that’s easy enough to add parcels to to weigh. We’d recommend the MS-300 Floor Scale.

The MS-150 is perfect for large parcel weighing because it’s been designed to be positioned on the floor, with an indicator that can be placed on a wall or bench. This scale has a 300kg capacity, so suitable for most parcel weighing situations, and weighs to the nearest 100g. If you’d prefer higher accuracy and don’t need such a high capacity scale, however, there’s also a 150kg capacity version, which weighs to the nearest 50g.

Both versions have stainless steel weighing platforms - that look the business and are easy to keep clean, too. Both can be found in warehouses across the country for weighing out-going goods.

See the MS-150 here.

For weighing parcels in all conditions

Is your factory or warehouse is a tough environment? If you need a reliable parcel scale that can provide accurate weight readings, even if it gets wet, you need the HSS with the I-200 indicator.

This solution, currently in our clearance stock and therefore at a very competitive price, is IP67-rated, meaning it is a washdown weighing scale. To give you an idea of how tough this scale is, IP67 is one rating off being fully waterproof.

The max capacity of these scales is 150kg, so they're ideal general parcel scales - overload protection stops the scale from being damaged by weights heavier than 6kg.

See the HSS here.

For couriers and transport companies weighing large/many parcels

You can get a quick weight reading of a parcel, parcels or palletised goods using a platform scale. The most convenient of these would be the DT Drive-Thru Platform Scale with the I-100 indicator.

This platform scale allows you to roll a pallet truck (with a pallet) onto the scale, get an instant weight reading, then load up your van, truck or lorry. You’ll then know the weight on the vehicle, and can avoid overloading.

This solution has a capacity of 3000kg - so you won’t need to worry about your parcels being too heavy! Plus, it’s about as durable as they come - even with regular use, a platform scale could last you years.

See the Drive Thru Platform Scale here.

For high capacity weighing when you’re on a budget

Finally, if you need a weighing scale that won’t break the bank, yet is capable of coping with small, medium or large parcel weights, go for the B-250.

The B-250 is our best-selling bench scale - as it’s suitable for so many scenarios. You’ll find it being used for weighing ingredients in a brewery, counting parts in a factory (it has a simple counting function) - plus of course, weighing out-going goods. In fact, we have a B-250 parcel scale case study here - a perfect example of the B-250 being used to weigh out-going parcels and mail.

The B-250 has a choice of capacities right up to 300kg, and available with an accuracy to the nearest 5g. Plus, it’s just £99.

See the B-250 here.

You can see our range of parcel scales here - or get in touch if you’d like help with finding the right parcel scale for your needs.