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What is a parcel scale?

A parcel scale is a weighing scale suitable for weighing parcels prior to despatch. Weighing parcels can ensure that the correct quantity of goods as been packaged, the vehicle on which they’ll be loaded will be within the legal weight limit, or give an indication of cost should a price be associated with the parcel’s weight.

Marsden light industrial and parcel scales are used widely in warehouses, despatch depots and in factories. In this category, you will find scales suitable for many different applications.


Which parcel scale do I need?

In order to know which parcel scales are most suited to your needs, determine how large the parcels are likely to be, how many you’re likely to weigh at once, where you will weigh them and whether you will be weighing them to determine a price for shipping or not.

The size and shape of the goods you’re sending out will dictate the size of the weighing platform you need. Of course, if your parcels are small, a digital bench scale will suffice - these come in various sizes and capacities and usually with integrated displays and platforms.

For simple weighing of small to medium size parcels, the B-200 and B-300 are affordable solutions that are portable and accurate. For slightly larger parcels, the MSS-I-400 has a choice of base sizes. Our MS-150 and MS-300 floor scales will accommodate larger parcels – upto 150kg and 300kg respectively – and these can be placed on the floor allowing you to easily pass a parcel over the scale.

For larger parcels and palletised shipments, choose from our range of platform scales and drive thru scales. In this category we have listed easy to use scales like the P-NA-I-100 Platform Scale and the DT-I-400 Drive Thru Scale. The latter can accommodate pallet trucks for even faster weighing of parcels.

If you are determining a price based on the weight of parcels – for example if you are a shipping company, parcel scales that you use will need to be Trade Approved.


What is a Trade Approved scale?

A Trade Approved scale is a weighing scale that has been tested and approved for legal use in the process of buying and selling goods.

If an item is being weighed, and a customer is being charged a price based on that weight reading, it is a requirement that the scale carried the ‘M’ logo and ‘III’ logo on its dataplate. These markings denote that this scale has undergone stricter testing and calibration procedures than standard scales and should therefore deliver a higher degree of reliability. This requirement is in place to protect the customer, and Trading Standards officers may check the suitability of weighing scales being used when they visit a business.

Trade Approved scales are also referred to as Class III Approved scales, Legal For Trade scales and stamped scales.


Where can I find out more?

Click on the images above to see more information about each of our scales. If you need any help with choosing the right parcel scale for your needs, you can call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.