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Buyer's Guide: Weighing Scales for Zoos (all sizes)

Buyer’s Guide: Weighing Scales for Zoos

Marsden’s range of weighing scales for zoos are perfect for weighing large and small animals, as well as for weighing animal feeds.

As animal attractions are encouraged to complete an annual audit of their animals’ health, we've put together this blog post to help in choosing the right weighing scales for your zoo's needs.

For small animals

Marsden’s range of vet scales are used by well known pet and animal organisations throughout the UK, including Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

The Marsden V-22 is our most accurate veterinary scale, with increments to 5g. It’s a lightweight, one-piece unit which is battery-powered so can be used for weighing wherever it is needed.

On the scale, Iain Atkins of Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary told us: “The fine accuracy allows us to spot small changes in the health of the animals, so it will be used for monitoring and diagnosing health problems.”

The Marsden V-20 is our premium veterinary scale which is ultra-slim and can also double-up as a stretcher to carry your animal around. Powered by a single 9V battery, animal weighing can take place anywhere.

Our V-24 veterinary scale has a 20kg capacity, high accuracy and bright LCD display. A non-slip wipe down surface makes it safe for your animals and easy to clean.

In the last twelve months, our most popular weighing scale for zoos has been the Marsden V-25. This design is lightweight and portable – and it is very easy to use.

Mike Woolham (Animal Manager at Banham Zoo, Norfolk), said of the scale, “We use it for weighing numerous animals in the zoo from lemurs, small primates, otters, red pandas, small cats, meerkats and more. It enables us to keep an accurate record of our animals’ weights, weight gain or loss - which help the senior staff identify health or dietary issues more quickly than just by body scoring.”

For larger animals

Our best selling scale for vets is the Marsden V-100 which has a 100kg capacity, robust design and bright display.

On the V-100, Mandy Minshall, Practice Manager at Springfield Vets in South Yorkshire said: “The scale looks strong, sturdy and professional. Animals are less easily frightened when walking onto them because they are very stable and do not make a noise. They are far superior to what we have elsewhere – they are very well made.”

For taller animals, our largest scale for weighing animals in zoos is the Marsden V-250, at 1050mm in length. The scale is also very easy for animals to access, at only 50mm high. It’s unit switchable, so weight can be recorded in either kg or lb.

Or, for capacities up to 300kg, choose the Marsden V-150. The scale is powered by rechargeable battery and features a stainless steel base and non-slip mat.

Textile artist, Sallie Tyszko, uses the scale for weighing sheep, goat and other livestock. She told us: “The V-150 is so low to the ground and easy to walk on for the animals – so they don’t even notice they are on the scale. It has an instant digital read out of the weight, can be recharged from the mains, it has a washable non slip mat and it was a reasonable price.”

For weighing even larger animals, we recommend using a platform scale such as our mild steel platform scale which is available with a choice of capacities which are much higher than traditional veterinary scales. We also offer bespoke solutions to tailor products directly to your weighing needs – just get in touch.

View our full range of veterinary scales here.

For animal feeding

We are also scale manufacturer of choice for animal food manufacturers and zoos for weighing out their feeds.

The Marsden B-100 is fully waterproof and weighs to 0.2g increments for pinpoint weighing. The rechargeable battery means it can be powered without the need to be plugged in. We’ve also recently launched a version of the scale powered by AA batteries.

For enquiries about any of our weighing scales for zoos, get in touch on 01709 364296 or contact us here.