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Buyer's Guide: Platform Weighing Scales (All Industries)

Buyer's Guide: Platform Scales

Platform scales are a vital component in any warehouse or factory, for weighing outgoing or incoming goods.

Depending on your industry, the need for platform scales will vary.

Some users will simply want to check-weigh what comes in or goes out of their facility; others will need to count the number of items in a consignment or product a proof of weight for transportation overseas.

Across industries, from cider makers to waste disposal experts, Marsden platform scales are the best solution for helping you meet your requirements.

Use this guide to find the right platform scales for your needs. Alternatively, if you need a bespoke solution, send us your requirements here.

For check weighing large items

Check weighing large items is simple and easy with Marsden platform scales. As an entry-level solution, the Marsden mild steel platform scale is solid and reliable choice.

Using the drop-down menus on the product page, you can select from a choice of sizes, capacities, graduations and indicator. The platform itself is available with a highest capacity of 3000kg and an overload capacity of 4000kg making it ideal for weighing heavy items. The lower the capacity, the lower the weighing increments.

For faster weighing, the P-NA is available with ramps so that pallet trucks laden with pallets can be wheeled on and off - and a Tare function allows you to remove the weight of the pallet truck and the pallet from the reading.

For counting large items / large quantities

Many industries can benefit from parts counting scales to monitor the quantity of products in one batch and to assist in inventory checks.

We recommend the Marsden mild steel platform scale with the JWI indicator, which has multiple weighing and counting functions. The Jadever JWI indicator features 3-in-1 displays which makes parts counting quicker and easier.

For recording weight data

By transferring data to a spreadsheet or database, or printing the data off using an attached printer, retrospectively referencing the weight of items and making comparisons is easier. Recording weight may also be required to show compliance.

There are a number of Marsden platform scales with data transfer capabilities.

The Marsden platform scale with the JIK indicator also comes with an optional RS-232 port, and when purchased with a u-key, weight data can be transferred to a spreadsheet or database.

Watch the video on how data can be recorded via RS-232 and u-key to see how easily it can be done.

For items sold based on weight

Marsden also offers Trade Approved scales for industries where the weight is linked to the price of the scale.

Choose the I-100SS-APP indicator to create a Trade Approved platform scale that is ideal for all warehouses and factory areas. This splashproof IP65-rated indicator can be used in humid, damp or dusty environments and can be wiped down.

The Trade Approved version of the JIK indicator is waterproof and can be paired with our heavy duty platform scale so it ideal for wet and damp environments. This scale has data transfer capability and a number of applications including a hi/lo visual traffic light and optional relay board, which identifies if targets are being reached and assists with automatic weighing.


The introduction of the SOLAS regulation for container weighing has meant another type of platform scale is required for goods weighing.

Verified weighers can purchase the DI-620P-APP with their platform scale in order to print out data using the built-in printer. The scale features the Tare function which means any unwanted weight - such as that of the pallet - can be deducted to leave just the weight of the load.

Multiple weights can be tallied up through the accumulation function, meaning you’ll get a true idea of item weights being loaded into the container. Then, the individual and full container load weights can be printed out and attached to the Bill of Ladings as your verified proof of weight.

For automatic weighing

As we’ve mentioned above, many platform scales in the Marsden range have optional relay boards, which assist with automatic weighing - for example switching off loading systems when a target weight has been reached..

Find out more

The Marsden range of platform scales includes dozens of variations and solutions, from stainless steel options for harsh environments, to platform scales with ramps - known as drive thrus.

We have a host of optional extras available to make weighing easier.

Click here to view all of Marsden platform scales.