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6 industries that use floor scales

6 industries that use floor scales

Industrial floor scales are used in British industries and around the world to weigh large, heavy or awkwardly shaped goods.

You’ll be able to find a floor scale that meets your needs - and this blog post is here to help. Not every floor scale is the same, so take care when deciding which scale is right for you.

But how do certain industries use floor scales - and what industries are these? Marsden finds out.

What are floor scales?

An industrial floor scale is a weighing scale with a flat base for placing items on to be weighed. As the name suggests, they are designed to be placed on the floor. Industrial floor scales are perfect for general weighing tasks - from parcels and boxes to crates. Often complete with a separate weight display, floor scales are perfect for weighing items from crates, to large boxes and parcels.

Floor scales are available with a choice of sizes, capacities and graduations. To decide which one is right for you, check the options available for each scale and compare this to the maximum weight you’ll likely to put on the scale. You can choose the graduations to make sure you’re getting the readings you need.

Stainless steel floor scales can cope with wet or humid environments, particularly if they have an IP rating. For more demanding or automated weighing tasks, some floor scales can be purchased with data recording or sending capabilities, relay boards or a printer.

What benefits do floor scales provide your business?

Floor scales are versatile. Their large, flat bases can be situated in the corner of the warehouse or factory, and it can be stored away when not in use. The floor scales with a separate indicator take up even less space, as these scales do possess a column and therefore can be stored on their side.

Their flexibility means floor scales can be used to weigh anything from boxes to crates to kegs. Even palletised goods can be weighed on a floor scale - although platform scales are more common for, and better suited to, this purpose. But if you’re a business with limited budget, an industrial floor scale can be more affordable.

Which industries use floor scales?

Commercial businesses use floor scales to ensure accurate records of available stock, and ensure stock is accurately packed. Floor scales can also offer checkweighing and parts counting functions.

Warehouses and factories

Industrial floor scales can be used from manufacturing plants to shipping yards, to industries and factories. For these uses, many industries opt for floor scales with large capacities, which are perfect for weighing oversized crates and inventories consisting of large pallets.


One of the best ways to determine the amount of material in a container is by using a floor scale. From measuring ingredients to finished recipes, floor scales are perfect. With high capacities, Trade Approved options and some carrying high IP certification, there are many floor scales highly suited to use in the food industry.


Floor scales can be used at airports to weigh luggage. As luggage comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, it is important that cargo being transported does not exceed certain limits, thereby ensuring airline safety.

Waste and recycling

Companies that pick up waste use weighing scales for weighing and charging customers. Recycling plants keep a record of how much waste they pick up and recycle on a daily basis.


Breweries can use floor scales for a number of reasons, as shown in this blog post. From weighing ingredients, to kegs to maintain kegs are fully filled and even using a Trade Approved scale to ensure prepackaged stock is weighed before it is shipped, floor scales come in handy throughout the brewery weighing process.

What floor scales does Marsden offer?

Marsden B-250: This is a small floor scale which offers flexibility as it provides a large number of capacities and graduations. It has a crystal clear LCD display, is unit switchable and Tare can be used to remove unwanted weight.

Marsden MS-150: For general purpose weighing up to 150kg, this electronic floor scale is ideal for post rooms, goods in areas and for general warehouse use. It is robust and versatile - and the rechargeable battery power means it can be used anywhere.

Marsden MSS with the I-100SS-APP: This floor scale with column-mounted indicator is perfect for weighing tasks in factories, warehouses and shops. This floor scale is Trade Approved so can meet the requirements listed above. A choice of base sizes, capacities and graduations (with accuracies as low as 1g) are available.

Marsden HSS with the JIK-APP: For industries that need a Trade Approved scale which can be cleaned to keep the scale hygienic, choose this stainless steel bench scale with IP67 rating. Plus, the JIK indicator is fitted with an RS-232 output which means it can be connected to a printer or PC to keep a record of weight readings.

Jadever AGT-C: This floor scale is fully waterproof and is popular in many industries, especially breweries. A choice of base sizes are available, as are a choice of capacities and accuracies. The IP68 fully waterproof rating means it can withstand spillages and be washed down after use.

Browse our full range of floor scales here. For other types of scales suitable when you’re short on space, read this blog post. For more on why you should be using Trade Approved scales, click here.