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5 tips for helping your pet lose weight

5 tips for helping your pet lose weight

If you have been following the Marsden blog, you’ll be aware that ‘pet obesity is the number one issue facing vets’. Research by Marsden last year found that more than 50% of pets could be overweight.

The pet weight crisis is again in the news this month, with the Daily Mirror newspaper reporting that 40% of cats are overweight.

But what can you do to help your pet lose weight? Download our pet weight guide here or continue reading this blog post for 5 top tips.

Tip 1 - Portion Control:

One size does not fit all when it comes to feeding guidelines. Over-consumption of commercial food and treats can lead to pet obesity. The British Small Animal Veterinary Association has recommended pet food is weighed to ensure portion sizes are suitable.

The amount your pet needs is influenced by life stage, reproductive status, physical activity and disease conditions amongst other factors.

Tip 2 - Read the label:

Cats and dogs are natural carnivores who prefer meat-based diets. This is contrary to many shelf-stable pet foods that are carbohydrate based.

When shopping for pet foods look for natural food with meat listed as the main ingredient.

Tip 3 - Avoid table scraps:

Human food can be toxic for pets, such as feeding your pet alcohol, chocolate and fast food. A complete and balanced food diet is recommended, consisting of items specifically recommended for pets.

Tip 4 - Exercise is imperative:

By keeping your pet active you can help them to burn calories and gain muscle. The amount of exercise your dog will need depends on its size - and this free poster can help.

Tip 5 - Weigh your pet:

Like with humans, pets can be underweight, overweight or a healthy weight. Though there are clues about your pet’s health which are shown in this poster, the most accurate way is to weigh your pet. You can then meet with your vet to discuss an appropriate diet and exercise plan.

With Marsden’s range of highly accurate animal weighing scales, keeping a record of your pet’s weight has never been more simple.

The Marsden V-24: This veterinary scale is a portable, lightweight solution for small pets. The scale is accurate to the nearest 10g and it runs on 3x AAA batteries.

The Marsden V-100: This is Marsden’s best-selling veterinary scale, perfect for medium-sized pets. The scale has a 100kg capacity and graduations to the nearest 50g. It features a wipe-clean, non-slip surface and is unit switchable between pounds and kilos.

The Marsden V-250: The V-250 is perfect for weighing large animals with a high 250kg capacity. At a low profile 50mm high it is easy for pets to step on the scale.

For our full range of pet weighing scales click here. For more information about any of our scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.