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7 steps to get the best out of pallet truck scales

7 steps to get the best out of pallet truck scales

Pallet truck scales offer the best of both worlds: a high capacity weighing scale combined with a heavy duty pump truck that you can take where it is needed.

Pallet truck scales are also known as pallet jack scales or pump truck scales. Not every pallet truck scale is the same - a choice of IP ratings, indicator types, optional printers and more are available to ensure these pallet truck scales meet your needs.

But how should you use a pallet truck scale to ensure accurate, heavy duty weighing? Simply follow this quick-fire guide.

Step 1: Ensure that the pallet truck scale is positioned on a flat, stable surface

Flooring can cause small variations in weight - which is why we never recommend weighing on uneven surfaces. If the surface isn’t flat, the reading could be inaccurate.

Step 2: Choose the application mode

Use the scale’s functions to switch between basic weighing, accumulation, counting and more.

Step 3: Use Zero and Tare effectively

If the goods you are weighing is on a pallet - you can remove its weight so that only the weight of the goods shows.

This is done by pressing ‘Tare’. Add only the pallet (or other unwanted weight) to the scale , press Tare, then either add the goods to the pallet, or remove the empty pallet from the pallet truck scale and add the loaded pallet.. Only the weight of the goods will be displayed.

You can also use the Zero key to reset the scale to naught, if it is showing another figure when no weight has been applied.

Step 4: Carefully add the object onto the forks

Take care when adding the item to the scale, so to ensure the item is not in an unsafe position where it can fall when the forklift scale is moved.

Step 5: Accuracy assured

The built-in scale will show the weight accurately on the bright indicator display. On certain pallet truck scales this weight information can be printed and stored.

Step 6: Adding more than one item

If you are adding more than one item to the pallet truck scale, take extra care when adding these items. Wait for the weight to stabilise on the display before adding the next.

Step 7: Transport the item to where you need it

The key benefit of choosing pallet truck scales over platform scales is that you can take the scale to your goods, rather than your goods to the scale. This can save time, as this video shows.

With a handle and wheel fitted, the loaded pallet truck scale can be used to manoeuvre pallets to the loading areas for dispatch.

If you need help deciding on the right pallet truck scale for you, you canclick here to read our handy buyers guide.

Pallet truck scale range

All of our pallet truck scales have a high 2000kg capacity and graduations to 0.5kg.

Marsden PT-100: Our robust pallet truck scale with IP67 indicator, ideal for basic weighing.

Marsden PT-200: Our pallet truck scale with the IP67 I-200 indicator and fitted printer for permanent weight readings.

Marsden PT-400: Our IP67 stainless steel pallet truck scale.

Marsden PT-450: Our fully waterproof IP68 waterproof pallet truck scale.

Marsden PT-500: Our unit switchable pallet truck scale with a large, bright red LED display for use in dark environments.

Marsden PT-600: Our most popular printer-equipped pallet truck scale, capable of providing hard copies of weighing results..

For more information about any of our scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.