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Our 4 Most popular scales for hospitals

Our 4 Most popular scales for hospitals

As one of the leading providers of weighing scales to NHS hospitals, Marsden understand your department’s exact weighing needs.

Previously we’ve brought you ‘3 weighing scales that GPs cannot be without’ and ‘5 great weighing scales for pharmacies’ - and now it’s time for hospitals to receive the Marsden treatment.

Find out all you need to know about hospital weighing by reading our white papers: ‘Accurate assessment of patient weight’ and ‘How accurate do my scales need to be?’ - then find out in this blog which are Marsden’s most popular scales for hospitals.

What requirements are placed on hospital weighing scales?

In accordance with the National Measurement and Regulation Office and LACORS report, all hospital weighing scales must be Class III Approved, serviced regularly and must only weigh in grams and kilograms.

These requirements are designed to restrict errors when taking weight measurements, which could lead to mistakes in treatment.

You can read the 2014-15 National Measurement and Regulation Office report which found almost a quarter of scales not fit for purpose. One third of hospital scales were found to be not fit for purpose in the 2009 LACORS report.

Which Scales are Used in Hospitals?

The Marsden M-400 Baby Scale

For weighing babies and toddlers, the Marsden M-400 is portable and Class III Approved. Beneath a hygienic slide-off weighing pan, a weighing platform is situated to allow older children to be weighed.

Marsden M-400 Portable Baby Scale

The M-400 is popular with hospitals because it allows babies and small children to be weighed on one scale. It’s also popular because it’s so robust.

The scale is lightweight and is powered by 6 x AA batteries, so it is easy to transport around the hospital to the place of weighing, using an optional carry case. It is highly accurate, weighing in 5g graduations.

For older children, try the Marsden M-410 which has a capacity of 50kg.

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The Marsden M-200 Chair Scale

For adult patients who need to be seated when weighed, the Marsden M-200 Chair Scale is ideal for hospitals. It’s very popular with hospitals because it has a large seat and comes with a choice of capacities up to 300kg - meaning almost any patient can be weighed comfortably.

The scale is powered by rechargeable battery, so it can be moved to where the patient is situated and they can be weighed safely.

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The Marsden M-100 Column Scale

The Marsden M-100 Column Scale is suitable for weighing almost any patient as it features a high 300kg capacity. It is highly accurate with graduations to 50g.

Hospitals like the M-100 because its unique design means it can be positioned in the corner of a room, saving space. It also has a wide weighing area, which hospitals like, as patients feel more stable when they step on to be weighed.

The scale has an integrated manual height measure as standard, but can also be purchased with an automatic height measure, so calculating BMI is simple. An easy to use BMI function appears on the indicator - simply follow the steps in this blog post.

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The Marsden M-950 Bed Scale

For bedbound patients, the Marsden M-950 is our portable bed weighing scale. To use, simply slide the weighing pads underneath the castors of the bed and follow the steps in our blog post: Best Practice: How to Weigh Someone in a Bed.

Marsden M-950 Bed Weighing Scale
Marsden M-950 Bed Weighing Scale

The pads are lightweight enough to be picked up using their carry handles and placed underneath a bed of your choice. A Preset Tare function means the weight of the bed can be automatically taken off the reading, leaving just the precise weight of the patient on the scale's display.

Alternatively, we’ve built the Marsden M-955 specifically for use on Medstrom hospital beds.

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