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5 reasons your industrial scales may need replacing

5 reasons your industrial scales may need replacing

Accurate and reliable industrial weighing scales are essential for many businesses.

As is the case with most technological products, over time industrial weighing scales become less and less reliable. Marsden, with over 90 years' weighing experience, encourages backing your industrial scales with a service contract to ensure they continue to weigh accurately.

A service contract will help to prolong the life of your weighing scales, and give you greater confidence in their accuracy and reliability. Inevitably, at some point in the future all scales will reach their end of life. To make sure you're replacing your scales at the right time, here are five signs to look out for.

Weight readings are inconsistent

If one minute, the weight of an item is one amount, and the next minute the same item is a different amount, you cannot be confident in the accuracy and reliability of your scales.

An inconsistent weight reading can be caused by a fault with the loadcells, which may mean the scale needs replacing or recalibrating. Alternatively, readings may be inconsistent due to the surface the scale is sitting on, in which case the answer may be just to relocate the scale.

The scale falls into disrepair

Scale components occasionally may need replacing - if parts fall into disrepair, it will affect the overall performance of the scale. Potentially one component falling into disrepair can affect another component.

Look out for signs of corrosion, rust or other damage - these will indicate that these parts need to be repaired or replaced.

The scale does not show Zero

When there are no items on the scale, it should display a zero reading on the indicator display. If it does not, you can press the Zero button to return the reading to zero. If the reading is still not zero after doing this, recalibration or, possibly, replacement of the scale, is required.

Your equipment is due an upgrade

If the scale is built from low quality components and materials, it is likely to have a detrimental effect on the scale’s lifespan. It is important to look for high quality scales from a reputable manufacturer.

Newer weighing equipment, with additional features that help improve weighing accuracy and ease of weighing, may also be available and could be better suited to your weighing tasks. This may especially be the case if you have been using mechanical scales - Marsden always recommends using digital weighing equipment.

The scale is no longer fit for purpose

As a leading provider of industrial weighing scales to British and overseas industries, Marsden appreciates that business needs for weighing scales change over time.

But if the weighing scale’s designated task changes, another type of scale may be more suitable. This is particularly important when weighing where the end user is affected. If the scale is being used for pricing goods based on weight, then a Trade Approved scale must be used - and failure to use a Trade Approved scale can result in the business being fined.

Find out more about why recalibration is important here. For more information on service contracts, click here. Alternatively you can email

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