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What makes a retail scale different to other industrial weighing scales?

What makes a retail scale different to other industrial weighing scales?

A retail scale, or price computing scale as they are also known, are specialist industrial scales that are used to calculate an item’s price based on its weight.

Commercial weighing scales will typically have displays front and rear - for the user and for the customers. They are perfect for market traders or small shops.

But there are other characteristics which give retail scales an advantage over types of industrial scale - as we explain in this blog post.

Retail scales are Trade Approved

Failure to use a Trade Approved scale when one is required can land you in trouble with trading standards - and leave you liable for fines exceeding £1000.

Trade Approved scales must be used when the price of an item is based on its weight - and as this is the purpose of a price computing scale, all retail scales available from Marsden are Trade Approved.

Plus, Trade Approved scales are subject to far stricter testing procedures than scales which are not Trade Approved.

Find out more about the need for Legal for Trade scales in this white paper.

Three readings on the display - not just one

The price computing scale software means that when you put an item on the scale, the bright displays will show weight, unit price and a total price.

Plus, user and customer facing displays eliminate confusion and potential discrepancies; human error risk is reduced.

Easy access to previously input information

Product Look-Ups (PLUs) are very handy as they allow the user to store prices for products, and access them without the need to re-enter any details. This speeds up the transaction process and eliminates the need to store product price information in your own memory!

Retail scales available from Marsden

DS-781: A retail scale with a waterproof scale and splashproof housing, this scale features 99 PLUs and 16 pre set keys for faster transactions. The scale can be powered by the mains (via AC adaptor) or from C-sized batteries for portability.

DS-781SS: This retail scale is an IP68 waterproof weighing scale, meaning it is perfect for fishmongers, as well as market stalls and shops. It is built for use in wet, humid and dusty environments or for weighing wet produce. It has a 15kg capacity with 2g or 5g graduations.

Get support in choosing the right retail scale for your needs. For tips on how to get the most from your retail scale, read our blog post, here. For more information about any Marsden retail scale, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.