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Best practice: How to use hoist scales

Best practice: How to use hoist scales

Hoist weighing scales are the ideal solution for patients who are unable to be weighed standing or in a chair.

They're also a more affordable alternative to bed scales.

Since 2015, the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has stipulated that all hoist weighing scales are MDD Approved.

All Marsden hoist scales are Class III and MDD Approved - but what is the best (and safest) way to use them? This blog post explains.

How does a hoist scale work?

The biggest benefit of a hoist scale is that the patient does not need to stand on the scale. Instead, their weight is measured by the downward force exerted on the scale. How the weight is read is upside-down, if you like, to a typical floor scale - which registers weight pushing down upon it.

A Marsden M-600 or Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Scale fits to a hoist via the links on the scale and the hooks or links on the spreader bar of the hoist. Then, rather than attaching the sling directly to the hoist as normal, the sling can then be attached to the bottom of the scale.

How to use hoist scales

Before weighing the patient, ensure the hoist is placed in a convenient position for weighing a patient.

Then, using the links on the M-600 or M-605, attach the scale to the hoist. The links clip easily onto the hooks or links on the spreader bar of the hoist. It is essential that the scale is attached correctly before you begin weighing the patient.

Turn the scale on and press the Zero key if a reading other than 0.0kg is displayed.

You can then attach the patient sling to the hooks on the ends of the scale. Once the sling is attached you can press Tare to remove the sling’s weight from the reading.

The patient can then be placed into the sling. To stabilise the patient weight you can press the Hold key and the reading will fix onto a specific weight unit. Do not touch the scale, or stabilise the patient during weighing, as this can affect the weight reading on the display.

The weight is shown on the screen for you to note down. Or if you have the M-600BT you can set the scale up to transfer the data directly to a device or database via Bluetooth.

You can see how to use hoist scales in this video.

Hoist weighing scale options

Marsden M-600: For capacities up to 200kg, choose the Marsden M-600. It is lightweight, portable and can be easily clipped onto the hoist. This is also available with optional Bluetooth.

Marsden M-605: To suit larger hoists with a 730mm length the M-605 is the scale for you. It has all the benefits of the M-600 including rechargeable battery power and BMI function.

Marsden MHS-2500: For capacities up to 300kg, choose the MHS-2500. This device is MDD Approved and compatible with most Oxford hoists.

For more information on how to use hoist scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.