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Using Weighing Scales for Cosmetics

Using Weighing Scales for Cosmetics

Health and beauty is one of the biggest industries in the world, with many consumers purchasing more eco-friendly and naturally-sourced products than ever before.

If you’re interested in creating your own cosmetics products, from lip balms to skin creams and perfumes, or even starting your own brand, then you may consider using a scale to ensure your ingredients are accurately weighed.

Take a look at the importance of using weighing scales for cosmetics and discover the range of Shimadzu precision balances available at Marsden.

Why use a scale for weighing cosmetics?

Take a look at the benefits of using a scale for weighing cosmetics ingredients.

Produce High-Quality Cosmetics

For your cosmetics, perfumes or health and beauty products to stand out from the competition, they must be of a high-quality, the correct consistency and all contain the most effective ratio of ingredients. Using an accurate weighing scale to weigh your ingredients will make sure that your fragranced cosmetics and perfumes smell fantastic, or that your skin creams and oil products have the right texture and can be applied successfully to skin.

More Accurate Weighing Results & Waste Reduction

When creating your health and beauty products, some cosmetics ingredients such as essential oils can vary in density. External factors such as temperature can also affect the volume of ingredients, and you may experience a range of results when measuring herbs and powder by weight and volume. However, using accurate weighing scales or precision balances to measure weight rather than volume can help you to reduce your waste when measuring cosmetics ingredients and ensure you're not overusing any solid ingredients.

Mass Produce Safe & Effective Products

During production, you must use the correct quantities of certain ingredients to ensure that your cosmetic products are safe as some essential oils can cause skin irritation if produced incorrectly or used in a greater quantity than required. Using weighing scales for cosmetics can also increase productivity, as measuring your ingredients by weight can make calculating and scaling-up ratios more straightforward and transform your small homemade batches into a mass-produced cosmetic product.

Correctly label your Cosmetic Products

Using scales when making cosmetics will also allow you to use the same unit of measurement for both your solid ingredients and liquid ingredients, allowing for accurate and consistent results. It’s also possible to weigh your ingredients quickly and effectively using the same container and using the Tare Function. Once you’ve got your accurate weight readings for each ingredient in grams, you can then correctly label your cosmetic products and meet the legal requirements necessary when selling commercially.

What type of scales is best for weighing cosmetics ingredients?

If you need to weigh cosmetics ingredients of a low capacity, then a precision scale or analytical balance may be the best choice in weighing scale for your production process. Precision balance weighing scales boast an extreme accuracy with sub-milligram increments and can make sure your quantities are exact. Many precision balances also feature a protective case to protect the weighing platform from external factors such as dust and will ensure your ingredients are not contaminated.

If you’re planning to sell your cosmetic products commercially, then the weighing scale you use must be Trade Approved. At Marsden, we offer a range of Class I, Class II and Class III Approved Shimadzu precision scales that are Trade Approved. Trade Approved weighing scales can also ensure reliable results as it is vital that the packaging of cosmetic products lists all ingredients and an accurate weight reading for each.

Precision balances are also highly recommended if you’re blending liquid-based cosmetic products such as essential oils and fragrances due to their accuracy and wide range of applications.

Shop Accurate & Reliable Laboratory Scales

Marsden has over 90 years of experience providing accurate and reliable scales across the world. Take a look at the range of Shimadzu precision balances we have available and discover the perfect scale for your cosmetics production process.

Discover the UW Series Analytical Laboratory Balance with graduations ranging from 0.001g to 0.01g.

UW Series Laboratory Balance

This precision balance has a range of useful features when weighing ingredients, including the Hold Function and Tare Function. Available as Trade Approved, the UW scale also boasts a self-calibration feature for when temperature changes may affect accuracy, so you can ensure your cosmetics products each contain the correct blend and consistency.

The affordable TX Series Analytical Precision balance is also available as a Trade Approved version and offers fantastic value for money. It also features a simple Counting feature, so you can weigh and record one item and then place a batch onto the balance for it to calculate the number of items in that sample.

TX Series Analytical Precision Balance

The BW Series Analytical Laboratory Balance is a high capacity, high accuracy balance with built-in calibration and is used in a wide range of industries including the paint, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The balance can be used to compare targets to sample values using the High/Go/Low features.

BW Series Analytical Laboratory Balance

If you’d like to find out more about our range of Shimadzu Precision Balance weighing scales, then call our friendly and experienced Marsden team on +44 (0) 1709 364 296 or email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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