UW Series Laboratory Balance

  • High accuracy analytical balance scale
  • Designed to measure small capacities in the in the sub-milligram range
  • Accuracies as low as 0.001g (1mg)
  • Sold as standard with WindowsDirect technology
  • Easy data transfer from balance to PC

Total Price
£2,084.50 Exc. VAT (£2,501.40 inc. VAT)
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220g to 6200g

0.001g to 0.01g


1 year warranty

108mm x 105mm, 170mm x 180mm

Power Supply:

Additional Features

  • Self calibration for when temperature changes may affect accuracy
  • Bright backlit LCD display
  • High/Go/Low - compare targets to sample values
  • Target weighing/checkweighing
  • UniBloc technology for instant, high accuracy weight readings
  • Windows Direct for easy data communication


General Information Certificates and General Information

How does this balance self calibrate?

This precision scale will calibrate itself automatically - ensuring this analytical balance is as accurate as the day it was purchased. There are three ways the balance calibrates automatically, including pre-set times and touch-key calibration.

Pre-set time calibration allows you to programme up to three times throughout the day that you would like the balance to run a calibration check. Touch-key calibration allows you to simply press a button and a calibration will run.

Regular calibration is important with a balance scale of this accuracy as even temperature changes can affect accuracy.

How can weighing accuracy be improved with this scale?

This balance is available with extremely accurate increments - as low as 1mg - but a number of features help improve weighing accuracy.

The Target Weighing feature allows you to set a target weight, with the UW indicates clearly when this target is reached.The Hi/Go/Low feature allows you to see clearly when you are within a set range, below it or above it.

Unibloc single block technology provides high performance, precision weighing with instant results.

How can this balance record weight readings?

Every analytical balance scale in our range comes with Windows Direct software built in as standard. All you need to link your scale to a Windows-equipped computer is a cable. Simply connect the analytical balance scale and your Windows computer using an I/O to RS-232 cable (not supplied) and with a simple click of the ‘Print’ key, the weight displayed on the scale will be copied into any programme you choose to use. No additional software is required.

Why should I choose the UW Series?

Choose the Shimadzu UW Series for ultra-precise weighing of the smallest capacities within laboratories and medical environments.

Each precision scale comes with a weighing chamber, big enough to allow easy measurement of even tall flasks. The chamber is an airtight enclosure which prevents dust from collecting within the scale and ensures air currents in the room do not affect the analytical balance while in operation. The metal housing of this scale makes it resistant to organic solvents.

As well as the above features this scale can switch units, including gram, milligram, percentage conversion, piece counting, carat, pound, ounce and many more. A specific gravity kit is also pre-installed which can transform the balance into a dedicated instrument for measuring specific gravity or density.

This scale has a bright backlit LCD display which makes the display easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions.

Where can I find out more?

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