Ultimate counting accuracy from Digi's DC-400 counting scale with printer

Digi’s DC-400 is the latest addition to Marsden’s counting scales range.

A sophisticated and highly accurate counting scale from a world-renowned name, the DC-400 features a range of useful functions including an inbuilt printer for label printing, and an incredible 13,000 PLUs.

What also sets apart the DC-400 from other counting scales in our range is the incredible level of accuracy, and the fact it has multi-interval graduations - this effectively means you have four scales in one. With precise accuracy and a choice of capacities available it is ideal for use across warehouses, factories and depots. Here are its key features.

Inbuilt linerless printer

The scale features an inbuilt printer to keep a record of count readings. The built-in printer can print labels with count and weight information, and because it’s a thermal printer there’s no ink cartridge. Print the results of your counting processes, date and time stamped and including the name of the product you have counted, as well as your item’s barcode.

Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner can be used with the scale. The DC-400 is able to store data, meaning that having a barcode scanner will enable you to scan a specific item and have the data immediately displayed on the LCD screen. This means that you can instantly start counting your items without doing a sample count first.

Additionally, the DC-400 can be used to create barcodes for products which can be then printed out.

Multi-interval graduations - accuracy as low as 0.1g

The 5kg version of the DC-400 has a weighing accuracy of 0.1g (upto 200g) which means it can count a large number of very small items. The DC-400 has multi-interval graduations: this means ultimate accuracy - basically four counting scales in one:

Graduations: 5kg capacity version

0.1g (upto 200g)

0.2g (upto 500g)

0.5g (upto 2kg)

1g (upto 5kg).

Graduations: 25kg capacity version

0.5g (upto 1kg)

1g (upto 2.5kg)

2g (upto 10kg)

5g (upto 25kg)

13,000 PLUs

The scale has 13,000 PLUs meaning data can be stored and retrieved with ease. PLUs are ‘price look ups’, which means you can store the weights of items in the scale.

In counting scales terms, in order to count multiple items the scale needs to know the weight of one of those items – it then provides the ‘count’ based on the total weight of the items placed on the scale.

Multiple inputs/outputs

An external remote platform connector means you can connect the DC-400 to a second base; this is useful as you can plug in a platform with a larger weight capacity. An RJ45 ethernet interface means the scale can be connected to a network, making it easy to store data. There’s also a Mini-DIN and an RS-232 interface.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on the Digi DC-400, or any of the other counting scales in the Marsden range, call our team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

For our full range of counting scales click here. For Trade Approved scales click here.

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