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What is a hanging scale?

A hanging scale is a device used to weigh items by suspending them from a fixed position. A hanging scale will normally have a hook on the base from which to suspend the item to be weighed. They are typically used in factories, warehouses, mailrooms and on farms.


What is the difference between a hanging scale and a crane scale?

There is very little difference between hanging scales and crane scales, but they are usually differentiated based on capacity, size and cost. Marsden has a separate section on this website for crane scales – but because the difference between a crane scale and a hanging scale can be subjective, some of the crane scales feature here as a hanging scale.

Generally, hanging scales are smaller and have a lower capacity. Crane scales tend to be larger and much more heavy duty.

Crane scales are favoured by more demanding industries; hanging scales are most likely to be used in grocery stores (for example, the solar powered H-100, above) and by fisherman or mailrooms (the OCS-B).


How does a hanging scale work?

Using a hanging scale is very easy. However, how you use it will depend on whether you are holding the hanging scale yourself (which would be likely in the case of the OCS-B, for example), or whether the hanging scale is suspended from the ceiling (which is likely with products like the H-100).

Firstly, ensure that the item you are weighing can be safely attached to the hook on the bottom of your hanging scale. If you are holding the scale yourself, place the item to be weighed on a level surface.

Switch on your hanging scale. Hook the item to the bottom of the hanging scale, ensuring it is secure. If you are using the scale handheld, lift the hanging scale so that the item is suspended off the ground. The display will show the weight of the item.

Some hanging scales have a hold function, meaning the you can stop the reading on the display from fluctuating and get a stable, accurate reading.


How do I know which hanging scale to use?

The listings above all show the capacity and graduations of each hanging scale. Ensure that you choose a hanging scale with a capacity that exceeds the maximum weight you are likely to put on the scale.

Next, check the graduations provide you with the accuracy you require from your scale.

If you need further help with choosing from our range of hanging scales and crane scales, you can speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296.