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  • Digi DS-781SS Waterproof Price Computing Scale

    What is the DS-781SS?

    The DS-781SS is a stainless steel, IP68 waterproof price computing scale by Digi. Price computing scales – also known as retail scales - are used to calculate the price of an item based on its weight. This makes portable retail scales like the DS-781SS perfect for small shops and market stalls.

    It has both customer and operator displays, and 99 PLUs for faster transactions.

    Because it is waterproof, the DS-781SS is hardy enough for wet, humid and dusty environments, or weighing wet produce.

    Why should I choose a waterproof scale?

    IP68 is the highest waterproof rating sold by Marsden. It makes the DS-781SS perfect for challenging environments, and where it needs to be regularly washed down to keep it hygienic. It also means it can be used to weigh product that may be wet or contain moisture, such as fish.

    The DS-781SS is typically used in environments such as fishmongers and butcher shops.

    A stainless steel scale also looks more professional to your customers than plastic retail scales, which can be prone to water ingress, greatly reducing their lifespan. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion, too.

    Why is this scale Trade Approved?

    It is a legal requirement that all scales used in the buying and selling of goods are Trade Approved. Since this is the purpose of retail scales, they must always be Trade Approved.

    Trade Approved scales are subject to far more tests and checks than standard scales in order to ensure the customer is getting value for money. It also ensures weight readings are repeatable (i.e there is no discrepancy between readings if the same item is added to the scale again).

    All the retail scales sold by Marsden are Trade Approved and have verification fees included in the price. Read more about Trade Approved scales in this blog post.

    What are the benefits of the DS-781SS?

    Aside from its IP68 waterproof rating, a key benefit of the DS-781SS is its portability. Four non-rechargeable C-sized batteries provide a massive 600 hours of continuous operation. The scale can be mains operated if desired - an AC adaptor is included.

    This weighing scale has a capacity of 15kg, with an accuracy to the nearest 2g (up to 6 kilos) and 5g (to 15 kilos). It is also price base switchable - showing product price per kilo, or per 100g.

    To find out more about this scale, speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

    Click here to read a DS-781SS case study

    Watch the video above to see this versatile retail scale tried and tested at Smithfield Meat Market, London.

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  • Digi DS-781 Price Computing Scale

    What is the DS-781?

    The Digi DS-781 is a price computing retail scale which has a waterproof keyboard and splashproof housing. The scale features customer and operator displays making it ideal for market traders or small shops. It features Tare and Zero functions, 99 PLUs and 16 pre set keys for faster transactions.

    This is a Trade Approved scale, which means it has been calibrated to the accuracy required when goods are bought or sold based on weight.

    What is a Trade Approved scale?

    Trade Approved scales, which are also known as Class III Approved scales, must be used by law when goods are priced based on their weight. Penalties can be issued by trading standards on those who do not use Trade Approved scales for this purpose.

    Since they are used for pricing goods during a transaction, retail scales must always be Trade Approved.

    These scales can also be referred to as Trade Stamped, Verified and EC Approved. You can see whether your scales are Trade Approved by an ‘M’ and ‘III’ logo on the scale’s dataplate.

    Verification fees are included in the price of this scale. You can find out more information on Trade Approved scales in this blog post.

    Why should I choose the DS-781?

    The DS-781 is suitable for weighing items up to 15kg.

    This retail scale can either be operated by either mains power, via the AC adaptor included in the price, or from battery power using four C-sized batteries. This makes the DS-781 a highly portable weighing scale that can be used anywhere regardless of where the nearest mains point is.

    The scale features a waterproof keyboard and stainless steel pan. It has Zero and Tare functions, 99 PLUs and 16 preset keys. The Tare function is used to remove any unwanted weight from the final reading, for example, a retailer could remove the weight of a container so that only the contents of said container are weighed. The price can be displayed per kg or per 100g. An optional vegetable scoop is available. 

    For more information on the Digi DS-781 and other retail scales, contact us here or call Marsden on 01709 364296.

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What is a retail scale?

Retail scales, which might also be referred to as price computing scales, shop scales or commercial scales, are weighing scales that allow you to calculate the price of goods based on their weight. Retail scales will typically have displays front and rear (for the user and for the customer), an internal memory for PLUs (Price Look-ups) and be powered by batteries. Retail scales must always be Trade Approved.


What is a Trade Approved scale?

A Trade Approved scale must be used when the price of an item is based on its weight. This is a legal requirement in most countries around the world, and since a retail scale is used to weigh items to determine the price the customer pays, it should be Trade Approved.

Trade Approved Scales undergo stricter testing and calibration procedures than standard scales and therefore deliver a higher degree of reliability. Trade Approved scales are also referred to as Class III Approved scales, Legal For Trade scales and stamped scales.


Which retail scale is best for me?

Our price computing scales can be found in butchers, delis, green grocers and sweet shops. Which scale you choose depends on what you need from the scale, and where you intend to use it. All of the retail scales on this page are powered by replaceable batteries so are suitable for market stalls.

The DS-781 is our most popular retail scale, and its waterproof keypad makes it more durable than most scales which may suffer from water ingress. The DS-781SS, however, is IP68 waterproof – and stainless steel – so suitable for the harshest conditions where it is likely to get wet. It’s most commonly used by butchers and fishmongers.

All our options have PLUs for saving the price/weights of your most popular items, although the DS-781/DS-781SS have the most with 99 PLUs each.

The DS-781SS provides the most professional image to your customers, its stainless steel casing capable of being washed down, and a clear, bight LCD display front and rear providing clear prices for items placed on the scale.

Marsden can provide you with all the help and guidance you need when purchasing a reliable, accurate retail scale. Click on the products above to find out more or speak to our team on 01709 364296. Marsden can also provide a service contact for your retail scales.