Marsden DT-JIK-APP Trade Approved Drive Thru Platform Scale

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Technical Details

Additional Information

Capacity 600kg 1500kg
Graduations 0.2kg 0.5kg
Dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm / 1200mm x 1500mm
Base dimensions 1850mm x 1335mm x 55mm / 2110mm x 1345mm x 55mm
Power supply Mains/Rechargeable
Batteries 6 volt rechargable battery
Battery Life 40 hours of continuous use
Additional Features
  • Trade Approved
  • Verification fees included
  • IP67 stainless steel indicator
  • Mild steel platform with anti slip durbar surface
  • Built in ramps for loading via pallet truck
  • RS-232 port fitted as standard
  • Hi/lo alarm
  • Works with optional printer, remote display, light tower
  • Optional relay board for automated weighing
  • Can send data to PC using optional USB leads
  • Two ramps with shallow incline
  • Suitable for all warehouse and factory areas
  • Can be used for liquid filling tasks
  • Large backlight display
  • Wall bracket for indicator included
  • 50mm height to weigh surface
  • Counting
  • Zero
  • Hold
  • Accumulation
  • Second scale input
  • Tare/Preset Tare
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    What is the DT-JIK-APP?

    Trade Approved scales like the DT-JIK-APP are essential if you are pricing items based on their weight. Where the DT-JIK-APP is different to most other Trade Approved scales is in its ability to streamline and automate your weighing processes, potentially saving you time and money.

    This drive thru platform scale has low profile ramps that allow you to roll a pallet truck onto the low profile platform for quicker and easier weighing of palletised goods or roll cages. It also has an RS-232 output so weight information can be sent directly to a PC or sticky label printer.

    Additionally, an optional relay board means the scale can connect to other devices and switch feeds on or off, so that target weights can be hit automatically. This means fewer operatives are required to monitor and control weighing.

    What is a Trade Approved Scale?

    A Trade Approved scale is a weighing scale legal for use when buying or selling items based on their weight. This is a legal requirement. Trade Approved scales are subject to far more tests and checks than standard scales in order to ensure the customer is getting value for money. It also ensures weight readings are repeatable (i.e there is no discrepancy between readings if the same item is added to the scale again).

    Verification fees are included in the price of this scale. Read more about Trade Approved scales in this blog post.

    How can I send weight data from the scale to a PC?

    The DT-JIK-APP’s RS-232 output means you can use the scale with the optional Scale to PC USB Lead, to record weight readings on a laptop or desktop PC.

    The Scale to PC USB Lead is very easy to use and no additional software is required to receive the data. Simply plug the lead into your PC’s USB port, open an Excel spreadsheet, and you can start recording weight readings.

    With a weight on the scale, press Print on the indicator keypad and the data will appear in your spreadsheet. In fact, you can send weight information to almost any document or editable field in an application, as long as this is open on your PC when you are weighing.

    A wireless version of the Scale to PC USB Lead is also available.

    How can I print from these scales?

    You can print sticky labels - that include weight, date and time information - directly from the DT-JIK-APP. If you need a printer that is capable of creating sticky labels upto 76mm wide, choose the GP-3120 from the Accessories list.

    If you need sticky labels upto 56mm wide, but also need other outputs from your scale at the same time (for example, the Scale to PC USB Lead, light tower or industrial remote display), go for the Godex printer option. The Marsden team can help you with ordering the correct extras for you needs on 01709 364296.

    Weight, date and time information (count if you are in Count mode) can all be printed on a sticky label by pressing Print on the indicator when an item is being weighed.

    What are automated weighing processes?

    Weighing and filling processes can be automated by choosing the optional relay board. The DT-JIK-APP can be used to control other devices that feed produce – or products – to the scale. For example, if you filling sacks of grain to a set weight, the scale can be connected to the hopper to switch off the feed once the target weight has been hit.

    The DT-JIK-APP's in-built hi/lo alarm further aids automated weighing with its red/amber/green display denoting whether you are below a target weight, above a target weight or have hit a target weight.

    Why should you choose a Marsden drive thru platform scale?

    If you want to speed up weighing processes, and you need a stamped weighing scale that meets Government requirements, choose the DT-JIK-APP.

    The DT-JIK-APP is perfect if you use pallet trucks in your warehouse or factory. The ramps are low profile so pushing a loaded pallet truck onto the scale is easy. Choose from 600kg or 1500kg capacity options.

    The loadcells and cables are safely mounted within the structure of the platform, and it is supplied with 4m of armoured loadcell cable. The stainless steel digital indicator is IP67-rated, meaning it can be used in damp, humid or dusty environments, and wiped down when dirty. A wall bracket is included.

    Other key features include counting, Tare/Preset Tare (for removing the pallet weight from the display), second scale input (so weight readings can be taken from two platforms at the same time) and long battery life.

    For more information about the DT-JIK-APP, or any of our Trade Approved scales, call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.