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Industrial weighing scales to use when you’re short on space

Industrial weighing scales to use when you’re short on space

Marsden Weighing Group understand the importance of space in business. The less space is needed for equipment, the smaller the premises that are required - resulting in potentially lower overheads.

As a result, many of Marsden’s industrial weighing scales are designed to be space-efficient.

Many of our bench scales are small and portable; our axle pads are designed for easy storage and our pit mounted scales are are practically undetectable when not in use.

But what industrial weighing scale do you need if you’re short on space? Here are a few industrial scales to consider.

Why is it important to choose an industrial weighing scale that meets your needs?

Weighing scales can be a crucial piece of equipment to your business. Generally within businesses, scales are used for weighing goods and products, but not every weighing scale is the same. It’s important to choose a scale which meets your needs.

Industrial operations require a good degree of accuracy and precision when it comes to weighing anything from outgoing goods, check weighing items for stock or trading via a given weight. One miscalculation could potentially lead to the failure of equipment, incur penalties or result in severe damage or injury.

When choosing a scale, consider both your current and longer term needs. What will you be weighing? How much does it need to weigh? And where will it be stored? - are all important questions to ask.

What scale do I need?
1. A small, portable bench scale?

A bench scale is an ideal weighing solution for small to medium sized objects on a worktop or bench. They are compact and portable making them perfect for areas where space is limited.

The Marsden B-100 is a compact stainless steel bench scale. This scale is IP68 waterproof which means it can be thoroughly washed down and remain in perfect working order. The IP rating means it is perfect for the food and drink industries - including use in bakeries, breweries and fishmongers.

Alternatively, the Marsden B-250 is a portable scale powered by 6 x AA batteries. Capacities can be chosen up to 300kg. It’s perfect for weighing parcels in despatch areas.

Browse our bench scales here.

2. An easy to store floor scale?

Floor scales are perfect for environments with limited storage. Despite their large dimensions, when space is limited they can be easily tucked away under pallets - or in a corner of a warehouse, factory or office. Many floor scales feature a separate indicator on a cable to make them even more manoeuvrable.

The Marsden V-150 has a choice of capacities, up to 300kg and is powered by rechargeable battery which means it can be located anywhere - regardless of where the plug points are situated. The scale’s handle and wheels aid portability and transportation.

Browse our floor scales here.

3. A small platform scale?

A choice of scale dimensions means you can tailor Marsden’s heavy duty platform scales to your weighing needs. Starting at 750mm x 750m, these platforms take up only a small amount of floor space - yet can still weigh capacities up to 3000kg.

Our Marsden Mild Steel Platform is available with a range of easy to use indicators. It is available in a choice of dimensions, from 800mm x 800mm.

Choose it with the JIK-APP Indicator to make the scale suitable for data transfer, with a RS-232 port fitted as standard. This means that weight data can be transmitted from the scale to a PC or printer. This scale is also Trade Approved making it suitable for trading goods based on weight.

Browse our platform scales here.

4. A ‘hidden’ dormant scale?

An alternative to platform scales are pit mounted scales - which are designed for heavy duty weighing in areas which are short on space. Pit mounted scales are sunk into the ground with the surface of the scale flush to the floor. When not in use, the scale can be left in situ. Underframe support means that fork trucks can be rolled over the scale without cause for concern.

Our pit mounted scale with the JIK indicator is also suitable for data transfer. Simply connect the indicator to a PC via our Scale to USB lead, to allow for seamless data transfer. A wireless alternative is available via our Bluetooth dongle.

For goods counting, choose the JWI indicator. This features a hi/lo alarm for assistance when reaching precise weight targets, ideal for outgoing shipments.

Browse our pit mounted / dormant scales here.

5. A portable vehicle weigher?

Axle weigh pads are high capacity scales for weighing vehicles. Knowing how much your vehicle weighs can maximise outgoing loads, highlight uneven loading and reduce wear and tear. Marsden’s axle weigh pads are portable, so they can be stored in the back of a truck or in the cab of your vehicle.

The AP-200 is built to weigh everything up to 44-tonne container lorries. The indicator is touchscreen which means it is easy to use. It has a built in printer to keep a record of weight readings and the USB and RS-232 ports means it can transfer data a computer. Supplied as standard with carry cases to aid in transportation.

Browse our axle weigh pads here.

To browse the full range of Marsden industrial scales click here. For more information about any of our scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.