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  • Legal requirements for weighing are not clear, say 88% of breweries

    88% of UK breweries believe there is not enough awareness about the requirement for Trade Approved weighing scales in breweries.

    However, three quarters of breweries are currently using Trade Approved weighing scales, according to a recent survey we conducted.

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  • Summer Sale: Save money on weighing scales

    From today, we’re discounting selected weighing scales across our entire range.

    If you need a weighing scale - be it for weighing yourself, your patients, your pallets or your pets - make sure you use the Marsden website between now and the end of August. In this blog post, we’ve covered some of the best picks in the sale - the weighing scales where you get to save the most money!

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  • Baby fat: What parents can do to help prevent childhood obesity

    Usually, babies are weighed at birth and then on a regular basis by a midwife or health visitor. In the UK, as part of the National Child Measurement Programme, a child is also meant to be weighed when they first start primary school.

    However, with obesity on the rise, can parents do more to prevent childhood obesity from birth?

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  • 4 benefits of an industrial platform scale

    Whether you need platform scales or not will depend on your industry and what your business does.

    However, it's highly likely you will benefit from platform scales being integrated into your operations - and there are many affordable, easy to use options available.

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  • Is your pet healthy? Take part in our survey

    A new report by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association has revealed that 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are overweight or obese.

    In response, today we’re launching a survey in partnership with Burgess Pet Care, to find out how often pets are weighed, where they are weighed and how frequently pets are fed.

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  • Introducing the new Marsden B-250 Bench Scale

    The Marsden B-250 is our brand new digital weighing scale. Available to order now, this portable bench scale is equipped with a clear LCD display and comes in a choice of capacities.

    It’s ideal for weighing parcels, boxes and small packets. In this blog post, we explain why it’s perfect for simple, straightforward weighing...

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