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  • What are Class III Approved scales?

    It can be incredibly difficult to know which medical weighing scale to buy with so many different terms and accuracies mentioned.

    What do M and CE stand for, and what does Class III Approved mean? We intend to clear these up for you in this blog post.

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  • 10 exercises that you can complete in lockdown

    It doesn’t look like we will not be returning to the gym any time soon, so it’s more important than ever to start working out at home and keep fit.

    There’s a lot of exercises out there and it’s not always clear about the benefits that they offer us; so, we’ve created this handy guide to the 10 exercises we’d recommend doing during lockdown to correctly target all your muscles. These can be performed as a circuit or on a rep basis.

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  • 5 benefits of temperature screening for businesses

    A high temperature is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus, which is experienced by almost everyone with the disease. By keeping track of this symptom using the Marsden Digital Infrared Thermometer or the Marsden Automatic Wall Mounted Thermometer as an early detection tool, you can protect your workforce, customers and business.

    With companies like Walmart, Cadburys and Amazon already introducing employee temperature checks, is this the next big Coronavirus preventive measure? To find out the benefits of doing this, read on.

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  • Choosing the best washdown scale for your needs

    Digital washdown scales are becoming increasingly popular, because they mean you can weigh accurately and keep your scales hygienic with ease.

    Their robust stainless steel casing enables them to be thoroughly washed down after use, hence the name, without worry of liquid or other particles entering and damaging the internal components. They make it easier for the food industry, for example, to comply with food and hygiene standards, and have a professional appearance.

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  • We're still here, and we support you: Our COVID-19 message

    In two weeks we have seen High Street businesses shut up shop, our movements be restricted and working from home become the new normal.

    Whilst shops have been instructed to close until further notice, online stores can still operate. Since Marsden provides vital weighing equipment to the medical profession and industries, our factory and warehouse is still open. Here are answers to a few questions we’ve been asked over the past fortnight.

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