We're still here, and we support you: Our COVID-19 message

In two weeks we have seen High Street businesses shut up shop, our movements be restricted and working from home become the new normal.

Whilst shops have been instructed to close until further notice, online stores can still operate. Since Marsden provides vital weighing equipment to the medical profession and industries, our factory and warehouse is still open. Here are answers to a few questions we’ve been asked over the past fortnight.

Are we still taking orders?

Marsden is still receiving and processing orders, whether they’re phone orders, purchase orders sent to us or products ordered online via our website.

Our Head Office is now closed, with our staff working from home, and our factory and warehouse is operating with reduced staff who are acknowledging the two metres working distance.

All orders should have the same lead time, and we are still endeavouring to ship all products same-day when ordered online before 1pm.

Do we have plenty of scales in stock?

Our warehouse is adequately stocked with all our most popular product lines, and for those manufactured overseas we still have an uninterrupted supply line.

When placing large orders, we recommend calling our team to check lead times.

For all NHS orders, particularly those relating to COVID-19, we are despatching all orders same-day where possible. We have also set up a new email address - covid-19@marsdengroup.co.uk - where you can send urgent orders to be dealt with immediately.

Are we still servicing scales on-site?

We have temporarily reduced the size of our Service team, however we are still available for servicing scales where it is deemed safe and social distancing rules can be observed.

If you are a hospital, we appreciate that you may not want us to visit you to service your weighing scales. Therefore, we can offer a return-to-base service, where we collect your scales and service them for you, before shipping them back to you within two days.

What can we do to help those at home?

We understand that it’s not easy staying at home all day, every day. However, if you’re missing the gym, unable to get your pet to the vet or your slimming group’s weigh-in sessions have been cancelled, we can offer a range of products that can help you at home.

We’ve ordered these below in a way that makes them as easily accessible according to your need as possible. Just click below to find out more:

Thermometers and blood pressure monitors for checking your health at home

Bathroom scales for checking your weight

Professional medical scales for checking your weight

Vet scale for weighing small pets

Vet scale for weighing larger pets

Body composition scales if you’re missing the gym

Our main Head Office number (+44 (0) 1709 364296) is still manned, it just diverts to our Sales team who are working from home.

You can also email us at sales@marsdengroup.co.uk, which is also manned as normal.

We’re here whenever you need us, Monday to Friday.

Stay safe.

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