Seven Uses of a Weighing Scale

As a leading supplier of weighing scales, Marsden sells thousands of weighing scales each year both across the UK and around the world.

There are endless uses of a weighing scale, from improving efficiency in the warehouse to weighing people, animals, or ensuring you’re paying the correct price for your goods.

Take a look at these seven uses of a weighing scale and discover the wide range of professional and accurate weighing scales at Marsden.

Accurately weighing babies

At Marsden, we sell Class III Approved medical scales specifically designed to be used for accurately weighing babies. 

With graduations from 2g, Marsden baby scales can detect minor changes in a baby’s weight and are widely used in GP surgeries, postnatal clinics and hospitals. Our portable and lightweight baby weighing scales are also ideal for midwives and healthcare professionals carrying out home visits.

Tracking weight loss progress

Our gym and fitness weighing scales can be used for tracking weight loss progress at slimming groups. 

The Marsden M-560 Premium Slimming Scale is recognised as Britain’s most popular slimming scale and is used by more slimming groups and clubs than any other weighing scale. The M-560 promises accuracy, reliability and repeatability when used to weigh members, and also boasts Tare, Hold and BMI calculation functions making it ideal for use by gyms and boxing clubs.

Accurately weighing cats and dogs

Other uses of a weighing scale include accurately weighing animals and pets such as cats and dogs to gain insight into any potential health problems. 

Animal obesity is an issue facing both pet owners and vets, and our specialist and professional veterinary scales can be used to indicate whether your pet is overweight and at risk of any further health complications.

At Marsden, we offer a wide range of veterinary scales for smaller pets, through to the best-selling Marsden V-100 Vet scale ideal for weighing cats as well as dogs. We also sell high capacity animal scales for precisely weighing larger pets and livestock.

Calculating the price of goods

Trade Approved scales, also known as Legal for Trade scales, are weighing scales that have been thoroughly tested and approved to be used for calculating the price of goods depending on weight.

The Weights and Measures Act 1985 legislation requires the use of Trade Approved scales to protect both the customer and seller when trading goods as it ensures the correct price for goods is quoted based on an accurate weight reading.

At Marsden, our Trade Approved scales include bench scales with capacities up to 150kg, retail scales for shops and market stalls, Trade Approved platform scales for industrial use, and drive-thru scales for even faster bulk weighing.

Weighing kegs at bars, pubs and restaurants

Weighing scales can also be used to accurately determine how much beer or ale remains in a keg. 

This can be done by a method known as ‘tenthing’ where you work out the quantity by dividing the keg into tenths and estimate the remaining amount, however, this can result in a large margin of error.

At Marsden, we’ve developed the Marsden K-100 Keg Scale to do the job. Although the scale is not Trade Approved and therefore cannot be used at breweries (take a look at Trade Approved floor scales as an alternative), the K-100 scale is ideal for weighing kegs at bars, pubs and restaurants.

Precisely weighing very small items

Some weighing scales, such as Marsden’s range of Shimadzu digital precision balances are used for weighing very small items, often in laboratory settings. 

Our extremely precise analytical lab balances are either Class I or Class II Approved and possess automatic calibration for protection against the environment and external factors such as dust. This level of accuracy and sub-milligram capacity range makes these weighing scales ideal for use by laboratory technicians, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals weighing out medication.

Precisely Weighing Very Large Items

Platform Scales can be used to precisely weigh very large items in a range of environments due to their robust design and high capacity. 

The Marsden platform scales range includes our durable, and easy to clean stainless steel platform scales ideal for challenging work environments. Our standard mild-steel platform scales can be used for efficiently check weighing of palletised goods as well as weighing bulky or abnormally shaped items. For the ultimate in heavy duty weighing, take a look at our mild steel platform scales boasting a 5-tonne capacity.

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