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  • Buyers’ Guide: Weighing scales for slimming groups

    Buyers’ Guide: Weighing scales for slimming groupsMarsden’s range of stand-on slimming scales are used by some of the best known slimming groups in the UK.

    Though the purpose of weight loss scales is the same for each slimming group, the needs of each group may vary. Some would prefer a portable scale they can take anywhere with them, others would prefer a more permanent fixture, while body composition scales benefit some slimming group members who not only want to see changes to their weight, but appreciate that a change in diet and exercise plan can affect a wide range of body health measures.

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  • A runner's diary: How to achieve your fastest weight

    Fastest weightThere is such a thing as your ‘fastest weight’ - if you’re a dedicated runner, you’ll probably already know this.

     Speed and endurance depend on how fit and healthy you are, and how hydrated your body is. Regular training will result in losing weight over time - but knowing what your fastest weight is also extremely useful. You need to be light enough but your body needs to be resilient.

    Achieving the right body weight - your fastest weight - will help you be both. Three months ago, we gave amateur runner Matt Smith a Marsden M-550 to help him find the perfect weight, tracking his progress as he did so. Here’s Matt’s story...

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  • 5 unexpected causes of weight gain

    5 unexpected causes of weight gainWeight gain is typically associated with eating too much and not doing enough exercise - but there have been many studies which suggest there are more factors at work.

    Last year, Marsden published this blog post highlighting 10 things your doctor wishes you knew about weight loss. It highlighted the effects stress and a lack of sleep can have on your weight.

    But what other things that might not have crossed your mind may be influencing your weight loss efforts? Marsden investigates.

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  • Getting trim a New Year resolution? Here’s why you should get prepared today

    weighing scalesWe’re still in the middle of festive season, and for most people - even those who plan to detox or lose weight in January - putting the brakes on the chocolates and red wine probably seems far off in the distant future.

    Right now, no-one wants to think of the diet regimes that will likely be on their resolutions list less than a week from now. But actually, a bit of pre-planning now may go along way and help you when it comes to those long, boring, calorie-less days of January 2019.

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  • See Lewes FC track player fitness with the MBF-6010

    lewes fcLast year, Marsden partnered with Lewes FC: One of the UK’s most forward-thinking football clubs. This weekend, six months on, we caught up with them to see how they were getting on with their Marsden MBF-6010 Body Composition Scale.

    The occasion was Lewes’ home game against Greenwich Borough. Prior to the match, three Lewes players and one of the club’s physios spoke to us about how and why they use the MBF-6010. Watch the video below to hear what they said.

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  • Buyers’ Guide: Gym Scales

    Buyers’ Guide: Gym ScalesWhether your gym or sports club’s members are striving to lose fats or gain muscle, they will all be united when it comes to tracking the changes in their weight or BMI with a professional gym scale.

    At Marsden, we appreciate that not all gym-goers are the same, and so we’ve put together a range of gym scales to try to suit every member’s needs.

    But we also appreciate that sometimes you may need a help in choosing the right gym scale for you and your club - and this blog post is here to help.

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  • New medical scales to come in 2017

    medical scalesMerry Christmas!

    2016 has been Marsden's busiest in its 90 year history - and we have our customers to thank for that!

    2017 looks set to be just as busy already. In the year ahead we’ll be adding many new products to our range of medical weighing scales.

    These are the medical scales we will be launching in the first six months of 2017...

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  • Smart Diet Scale: Why now is the best time to buy

    diet scalesIn December 2015, Marsden launched a brand new weighing scale: The Smart Diet Scale.

    Nine months on, and Smart Diet Scales are being used by the English Institute of Sport, Diabetes UK… And countless dieters, bodybuilders and athletes. A major league British actor was also sent one as part of a forthcoming documentary (sorry - we have to remain tight-lipped on that one!)

    Since December, the developers of this intelligent dieting scale have made numerous improvements to the accompanying smartphone app (this is the bit that provides you with all the nutritional values once you have weighed your meal on the scale). It’s the latest update that makes this an even more vital purchase for UK buyers, however.

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