Marsden M-610 Wheelchair Weigh Beams

The Marsden M-610 is a Class III Approved and MDD Approved portable wheelchair scale, consisting of two lightweight beams with a handle and fold-in ramps for portability. Optional carry cases are also available.

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What is the M-610?

The M-610 wheelchair scale is easy to use, accurate to 100g and perfect for community nurses and healthcare visitors, as well as care homes.



960mm x 200mm x 100mm

Power Supply:
Internal rechargeable battery

Battery Life:
Over 55 hours of continuous use

Weight of Each Beam:

Additional Features

  • Class III Approved
  • MDD Approved
  • Covered by 4 year warranty
  • Full numeric keypad to measure BMI in seconds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use - set up in minutes
  • Tare/Preset Tare and Hold functions
  • Auto power-off after 3 minutes
  • Optional carry cases


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How do portable wheelchair scales work?

Portable wheelchair scales are perfect for use in the community, but have also found their place in hospitals and care homes. Instead of wheelchair users coming to the scale, they can easily be taken to them instead.

When a patient is ready be weighed, the two beams are placed on the floor the correct distance apart for the wheelchair wheels, and the scale switched on. The patient can then be pushed onto the scale and the weight reading will register on the indicator display.

You can remove the weight of the wheelchair, meaning only the patient’s weight is displayed on the indicator, by using the Tare/Preset Tare function.

What is a Class III Approved scale?

Class III Approved scales are built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet certain standards. If a scale is used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ it must be Class III Approved. To give the user assurance of accuracy and reliability, an EU notified body will test Approved scales rigorously.

Additionally, the M-610 is MDD Approved, meaning it meets strict safety requirements enforced (in the UK) by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC) is one of three directives that cover all medical equipment intended to be used to diagnose, prevent, monitor or treat.

Who uses the M-610?

The M-610’s portability makes it ideal for care homes, hospitals and for weighing wheelchairs at home. It has also been a popular choice for community nurses and health visitors for weighing disabled patients.

Why should I choose the M-610?

Choose the Marsden M-610 if you need a lightweight, portable wheelchair weighing scale, which is suitable for weighing almost any wheelchair. This is our bestselling wheelchair scale, and it’s also covered by the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

This robust, high quality digital weighing scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery offering over 55 hours of continuous use. It includes Preset Tare/Tare, Hold and BMI functions, and our premium indicator with its three displays means the scale is very easy to use.

The scale has optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for sending patient weight data wirelessly to your central database. Please contact us for more information about wireless patient data recording.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

Sales & Advice:

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