Marsden M-650 Wheelchair Scale

  • High capacity wheelchair platform scale
  • Ramps are built into the one-piece platform
  • Gentle incline ramps to aid accessibility
  • 300kg capacity as standard

Total Price
£1,040.00 Exc. VAT (£1,248.00 inc. VAT)
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8 year warranty

1150mm x 800mm x 66mm

Power Supply:
Internal rechargeable battery

Battery Life:
Over 40 hours of continuous use

Weight of Scale:

Additional Features

  • Large, low profile base for almost any wheelchair
  • BMI calculation
  • Tare/Preset tare functions
  • Auto power-off after 3 minutes
  • Wheels and handle for easy portability
  • Suitable for hospitals, care homes and rehabilitation centres
  • Optional connectivity available
  • Various options available including handrails and column
  • Full numeric keypad for BMI calculation and Tare


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Pre-Acquisition Questionnaire (PAQ) Medical Scales

General Information Certificates and General Information

How can you weigh someone in a wheelchair?

A wheelchair scale allows the patient to remain in their own wheelchair, where they feel comfortable - they also save time as the patient doesn’t need to be transferred to a chair scale. An optional handrail means support is provided for those unsteady on their feet. Tare/Preset Tare can be used to remove the weight of the wheelchair from the reading, meaning you have a true weight reading for the patient.

What is a Class III Approved scale?

Scales that are Class III Approved are built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet a specific standard. All scales ‘used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ must be Class III Approved, according to the NAWI directive. An EU notified body rigorously tests Approved scales, to assure the user that the scales are accurate and reliable.

Who uses the M-650?

With easy access for wheelchair users, the M-650 bariatric scale is the ideal scale for hospitals and care homes. With Class III Approval and graduations to 100g it is suitable for measuring weight for critical treatment, as well as other medical uses. This scale is particularly useful in Renal Units, Outpatients areas and where regular weight readings are required for disabled patients.

Why should I choose the M-650?

Choose the M-650 if you are a hospital, care home or rehabilitation centre for weighing wheelchair patients.

The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery offering over 40 hours of continuous use. Wheels and handle are fitted to the platform for transporting the scale, and a number of accessories are available to make the scale more versatile, including handrails, a printer for recording weight, and wireless patient data transfer.

This scale is covered by the Marsden 8 Year Warranty. It can also be covered by a Marsden service contract, meaning the M-650 will stay accurate and reliable through recommended re-calibration intervals of every 12 months.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

Sales & Advice:

+44 (0)1709 364296

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