Printers for Medical Scales

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Why would you need a printer for a weighing scale?

A printer allows you to create a hard copy of the weight reading on your scale. This is ideal if are wanting to keep a hard copy of the patient's weight reading. Print-outs from Marsden printers are date and time stamped, and can include weight, BMI and height readings.

If you have a Marsden body composition scale, the body composition readings are all printed - including Fat Mass, Fat Percentage, Total Body Water and Basal Metabolic Rate.

Because these are thermal printers, they do not require ink cartridges.


Which scales are these printers compatible with?

The printers available above are compatible with any Marsden scale fitted with the DP-3810 indicator. Scales fitted with the DP-3810 indicator are:

Marsden M-100 Column Scales

Marsden M-110 Column Scales

Marsden M-200 High Capacity Chair Scales

Marsden M-210 Chair Scales

Marsden M-510 Premium Floor Scales

Marsden M-530 Bariatric Scales

Marsden M-560 Portable Slimming Scales

Marsden M-600/M-605 Hoist Weighing Attachments

Marsden M-610 Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams

Marsden M-620 Wheelchair Scales

Marsden M-640 Bariatric & Wheelchair Scales

Marsden M-65X Wheelchair Scales range

Marsden M-700 Baby, Toddler & Adult Scales

Marsden M-800 Bariatric Scales

Marsden M-900 Portable Bed Weighing Scales

Marsden M-910/M-920/M-925 Bed Scales

Marsden M-930 Pit Mounted Bed Scales

Marsden M-950 Portable Bed Scales

Marsden M-955 Portable Bed Scales

All of the scales listed above have a Print button. Simply allow the patient to stand on the scale, press Print and you will have a hard copy of the reading on the display.

The Marsden TP-2100 Printer connects into the back of compatible scales, but the Marsden TP-2110 Bluetooth Printer connects wirekessly to the scale and can work upto 10 metres away from the scale. The TP-2110 is compatible with scales fitted with Bluetooth connectivity, which is an optional extra on all the scales above.


Where can I find out more?

If you need more information about printers for medical scales, speak to the Marsden team on 01709 364296.