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What are Shimadzu lab balances?

Marsden’s range of electronic analytical balance scales from Shimadzu are designed for precision weighing of very small items. Most popular as laboratory scales, the analytical balances on this page measure capacities in the sub-milligram range, and can be found in use by pharmaceutical companies and also hospitals and veterinary surgeries for weighing out medication.

What can lab balances be used for?

Each one of the digital balances in our range is ideal for when extreme high accuracy is essential - and when the recording of each weight needs to be precise and easy. Select from analytical balances with automatic calibration, casing to protect from external factors like dust and wind and temperature/environment detection.

Most of the analytical balances in our range are available as either Class I or Class II Approved - as accurate and as precise as they come.

Where can I find out more?

The table below compares the Shimadzu analytical balances available from Marsden - you can use this to decide which solution is best for your needs. If you need any help with choosing the right Shimadzu analytical balance for your needs, please call us on 01709 364296.

Shimadzu Balances Table

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