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5 reasons why you need waterproof scales

5 reasons why you need waterproof scales

Waterproof scales are essential in many industries, and using a waterproof scale brings many benefits.

An IP68 rated scale is a fully waterproof scale. These scales can be fully soaked and survive in the most punishing of environments.

Stainless steel and waterproof scales command a higher price than standard weighing scales, but the benefits you’ll see are worth it. Here are five reasons why you need to be using waterproof weighing scales.

1. Waterproof scales can withstand spillages

Spillages can occur in many industries, particularly when liquids are being weighed or produced which may contain moisture, such as fishmongers.

Water or other liquids can seep from the container and onto the weighing pan, which could cause damage to a scale that does not carry an IP rating.

“Waterproof scales are essential for any brewer,” said Steve Hope from the Brew Shed, owner of a Marsden B-100. “They are sturdy, solid bits of kit designed for everyday use in a working environment.”

The Wild Beer Co uses the IP68-rated Jadever AGT-C to weigh malt. "The scale is set in a very dusty, floury environment, so the IP68 rating is key,' they told us.

Christina Herbert of Macsorsons Fishmongers added, “Our previous scale experienced problems with moisture under the keypad.” She now uses the waterproof DS-781SS Retail Scale.

2. Waterproof scales can be kept hygienic easily

Hygiene is paramount in many industries, perhaps most notably in food processing.

A waterproof scale can be washed down after use - to remove any spillages or daily grime - importantly without causing any damage to internal components.

3. Waterproof scales can last longer

Stainless steel scales are well known for being well built and resistant to corrosion, which contributes to these scales lasting longer.

But this can apply to all waterproof scales that can prevent water damage.

Wild Beer Co told us, “We chose the AGT-C due to its waterproof rating. Our last set frequently cut out as the waterproof rating was not up to standard. The IP68 feature is absolutely key for the wet brewery environment they are in.”

Jadever AGT-C Floor Scale
Jadever AGT-C Floor Scale

Waterproof scales save money, not only because they are less likely to need replacing but also they are less likely to need a repair.

4. You can use waterproof scales in harsher environments

If a scale does not carry a waterproof rating, you need to be careful where the scale is located - but a waterproof scale adds convenience because it can be placed anywhere, regardless of how humid or harsh the environment may be.

In this video, we showed the B-100 dropped in a bucket of water to show how truly waterproof the scale is - after we did this, the scale still worked perfectly.

5. Stainless steel scales look more professional

And finally, our waterproof stainless steel scales are 304 food grade stainless steel, and they look the part. “Customers associate stainless steel with being clean and hygienic” Macsorsons told us. If you’re using weighing scales in a location where they can be seen by customers, what better way to say you mean business than by using stainless steel scales?

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