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Buyer's Guide: Bariatric Scales

Buyer's Guide: Bariatric Scales

Being overweight can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Therefore, accurate weighing of plus size patients, using appropriate weighing scales, is vital.

A bariatric, or plus size, patient is one who weighs over 159kg (25 stone) or has a BMI greater than 30.

However, further patients could be subject to bariatric policies should their weight distribution, size, height and mobility problems determine it.

Various types of scales can be used to weigh bariatric patients. This blog post will help you choose the right one.

Using bariatric scales

All bariatric (plus size) patients must be weighed on admission to hospital. There are a number of ways to do this, which can vary depending on the needs of the patient.

Bariatric scales for standing patients

Floor scales are ideal for standing patients. With capacities to 500kg they are ideal for bariatric patients.

The Marsden M-800 is a 300kg capacity stand on scale with handrail support to help the patient. It is extremely low profile so to ensure patient comfort when stepping on and off the scale. Plus, the scale weighs in increments to 100g for bariatric patients, and also weighs in highly accurate increments to 50g below 150kg.

The Marsden M-530 is a large base Class III Approved floor scale. It has two capacity options: 300kg or 500kg. It is powered by rechargeable battery and has two screens for weight, height and BMI.

Bariatric scales for patients who need to be seated

For patients who need to be seated the Marsden M-200 is, at 300kg, Marsden’s largest capacity chair scale. It has an extra wide seat, three displays and hinged armrests and footrests.

Bariatric scales for patients in wheelchairs

Marsden has a range of wheelchair scales for bariatric patients. The Marsden M-650 allows the patient to remain in their own wheelchair, without the need of being transferred to a chair scale. The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments. A rechargeable battery provides over 55 hours’ use. As with many Marsden medical scales, choosing the optional printer means weight data can be recorded.

The Marsden M-651 features a column mounted indicator for easy weight readings. The Marsden M-652 and Marsden M-653 feature handrails for patient support.

The Marsden M-640 is for patients who can’t stand or need support when standing. A large base can also accommodate most wheelchairs, and for extra convenience it includes a hinged seat and sturdy handrails. It has a choice of capacities: 500kg or 300kg.

Bariatric scales for bedbound patients

In some cases hoist weighing scales can be used for weighing plus size patients. Marsden hoist weighing attachments are MDD Approved. The attachment clips onto a hoist with coat hanger spreader bars.

The Marsden M-600 and Marsden M-605 have a 200kg and 100g graduations. The M-605 is 10cm wider than the M-600, therefore suitable for larger hoists.

The Marsden M-950 consists of four low profile weighing pads, stored on a trolley which can be placed under the wheels of the bed, meaning plus size bedbound patients can be weighed. A choice of capacities - 6000kg or 1000kg - are available.

The Marsden M-955 are slightly longer than our standard M-950, making it perfect for accommodating the double castor beds like those made by Medstrom.

For our full range of bariatric scales, click here. For more information about any scales in our range, call 01709 364296, email us here or contact us using our web chat facility.